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This essay sample essay on Mission Impossible 2 Trailer offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below.

A trailer is the joining of short sequences extracted from a movie to help to promote it and make it appeal to the target audience, according to the genre of the film and the sort of people that would be likely to watch it or buy it. The industry chosen to produce the trailer tries to take the best and most interesting sequences and information from the film, in order to get to the audience’s attention and likes effectively.

They will do that through selecting and including the best shots and main stars, depending on the narrative of the film. In order to do that, producers will use the kind of background music, soundtrack or voice-over that they consider more appropriate. In this essay I aim to try and explain the techniques used in the Mission Impossible II trailer to make it appeal to the audience, by means of analysing the employment of media terms.

The star in Mission Impossible II is Tom Cruise and John Woo directs the film. U. S.

P (Unique selling point) is something or someone that individually appears (usually the star in the film or a well-known person) to help sell by using its image. The Unique selling point does also depend on the target audience, for example Tom Cruise would not be very much attractive to kids, but Mickey Mouse (Disney animated cartoon) would.

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Advertising film companies always aim to focus and create big shots on the main selling points during the promoting trailer, according with the film’s narrative and the audience it is addressed to.

Mission Impossible 2 Summary

If the actor’s fame is due mainly to a specific narrative genre, in which he/she is easily recognised, advertising companies would produce a trailer with shots and introductions of the movie, bearing in mind the popularity level of the starring actor between the selected audience, which will improve selling conditions in the film’s promotion campaign. It would also increase the public’s assistance to the cinema, which was the whole initial objective. In the trailer I am examining we can clearly see that the trailer producing company portrayed Tom Cruise as the unique selling point.

In order to do that they used a selected number of shots with different angles. At the start of the Mission Impossible 2 trailer, producers placed a long-angle shot, in which we could observe a big mountainous zone and a person exerting himself in climbing to the top of a summit. Then the camera moves nearer until get a big close up of the so well-recognised actor, which makes the public remember and link him with the very first movie of Mission Impossible, in which he also starred.

As a whole thing, Tom Cruise occupies all of the trailer sequences, excepting for the explosions scenes and a few more. The genre could be seen as the U. S. P because of the appeal of action-science fiction films among the target audience, which should be between 14 to 50. The science fiction genre has a great influence on different target audiences. They would be very interested in the continuation (or second part) of the previous Mission Impossible movie (which had a smashing success), in which they could see once more the private agent, Mr Hunt, on new adventures and missions.

Also the fact that this film is a sequel and a re-make of a 1970s TV programme might as well predominate on the eldest and middle-aged (50 to 60s approximately) audience’s appeal according to the shows they had seen on their youth years, that would incite them to see or buy the film. In the trailer are about three different characters that we can barely see, without counting star actor, Tom Cruise. In one quick film sequence we can see a man with one eye in an iron plate, which we can deduce, for its presentation, that is the evil one in the story.

In other brief sequence we can see a romance scene of Tom Cruise and a woman whom would have the role of being his lover. The remaining part of the trailer is headed by Tom Cruise shots and street fighting scenes as well as car and motorcycle racing. The Mr Hunt character (Tom Cruise) is constructed as brave good-looking man that is always calm and seems to have everything under control. We have evidence from the trailer to demonstrate this: “You gotta be kidding,” he says with a very unruffled expression on his face after he is introduced to his next mission.

He is also portrayed as a current and normal person that under that calculated image is a strong (strong personality as well) high- skilled hero, we can see that in the climbing mountains scenes and in the street fighting. All that qualities make him perfectly fit the conventions of a secret service agent. Compared to British James Bond there are a big variety of similitudes as the popularity both have among women.

However, there are also differences; British Bond is an aristocrat from upper class while in American characters as Mr Hunt the superior social position is not always necessary. The way in which Mr Hunt is determined to the public’s eyes would successfully attract the different targets audience. His qualities and the style in which they are presented make him look attractive, probably because he has the requisites people are looking for in a science fiction character.

We are given more information about Mr Hunt because he is the main character in the film and producers have concentrated on repeating his image throughout the trailer, creating a proper atmosphere around him and using its personality to perfectly match with the film’s narrative. As far as the trailer reveal us the film’s narrative is developed in a science fiction background with high technology effects and ultimate machines, such as the sunglasses with especial visual location that Mr Hunt wears.

The story involves a secret mission addressed to Tom Cruise in order to protect something or somebody from a person that could use a certain information (possibly inserted in a diskette) for bad purposes. That sort of persecution action between the characters is very typical in the story constitution of this genre, which are also slightly fantastic if we refer at the high development of technology used, probably to make the audience get inside that fictitious world of constant action and suspense in which everything seems possible.

The narrative structure in this trailer would undoubtedly appeal to those who have previous knowledge of the film by that peculiar music and the trailer’s introduction to the story, without forgetting the so recognised character that would bring back Mr Hunt into life, creating anxiety among the public to get to see him again in new adventures. As for those who don’t have any previous knowledge, the film trailer would be likewise interesting and appealing, especially for science fiction lovers.

That would be possibly due to the attracting the trailer emits towards the film, making it look a big temptation to the audience, mainly by the way the trailer is edited with the best images selection. This trailer is edited at a high speed and most of the images are juxtaposed (image against each other), an effect that gives out the impression of loads of things happening and continuos entertaining action. But not all the scenes in the trailer are like that.

In the first part, the trailer starts off very calmly and slowly with a beautiful view of a mountainous countryside and a clear sky, of a perfect blue behind Mr Hunt while he exerts himself in climbing a mountain. This view and the use of bright colours as the free, plain and purely blue sky, give out connotations of stillness and peacefulness. But everything will soon change, as the actor slips, we can see a computer-localising camera that will turn and relate all the following scenes with high technology effects.

As usual on the science fiction genre, there will be ultimate machines and an astonishing development technology taken to the highest levels. The remaining shots are coloured in metallic blue tones to give people the connotation of the high technology world in which the movie is developed. Another evidence from the trailer to demonstrate the importance of high-tech items are Mr Hunt’s glasses which have a message of identification, it says: “Agent: Mr Hunt”.

The trailer also has mid-red scenes with explosions to give connotations of fire and danger, which link perfectly with the action required in these films, adding the car and motorcycle racing and the street fighting. To look at the trailer construction, we also need to refer to the background sounds. Probably the so famous and recognisable Mission Impossible soundtrack would positively make the audience pay attention to the trailer, as they are well familiarised with the film’s typical and peculiar music.

In addition, the sound of the cars and motorbikes give the impression of continual action and danger, not counting the explosion noises and the drumbeats joined by computer sounds, created with a high technology work of vibrations. At the opening of the trailer we can appreciate the use of voice-over when a man (or computer) says to Mr Hunt after having localised him “Good morning Mr Hunt, sorry to disturb you in your vacations”. That happens soon after Tom Cruise puts his glasses on, which have the information necessary for his next mission.

The trailer manufacturers also decide to include some lettering in this film advert in which they situate the director’s name among the flames of a big explosion. The release date had been placed at the ending of the promotion trailer in smaller letters, as it is considered less important. As a final point I am going to conclude this trailer breakdown and examination. I would predict and assure the exit of this film preview among the audience.

The media terminology used would certainly suit the public’s requests, as they have been transmitted to the audience effectively throughout the inclusion and sponsorship from the main star, the director and the acknowledged science fiction genre. Summing up, the detail that the movie is a continuation of a triumphant previous film and episodes and the numerous connotations of action, danger and adventure make the film look altogether as an interesting choice on the big screen that the audience would delightfully enjoy.

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