The Negative Body Image Presented by the Media

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Media has aided in several different body concepts from all stages of people. This has led to people developing negative body images and has done harmful diets, treatments,s, and activities to maintain the so-called perfect image of their body. Over half the population of human beings in the whole world develop diseases. The negative body image is presented by seeing or hearing through advertisements, movies, radio, television,n, and all the media. False advertisement has led to several individuals being s susceptible and eating disorders hence leading to harmful diet remedies to meet their idea of having a perfect image of their bodies.

The negative image caused by media has led to eating disorders in the name of maintaining beauty. Over 27 million people from different world places suffer from disordersders like anorexia, bulimia,d many other diseases. With much being said, it is okay for me to say that the media has not only done more harm to both females and males over the years than good but also brainwashed people as indicated.

The media also provide unrealistic body images that no human being can meet without causing harm to themselves.

In addition, media modifies one’s appetite, through watching several types of foods smarty prepared and arranged trigger one’s mind hence causing people to increase food consumption. So many people have had diseases related to food since they end up eating what their bodies cannot take. For instance,ce the average individuals spend almost 22 hours a day watching television summing up to 250 billion hours watching every year television.

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Television accounts for about twenty-five percent of the advertisement aired. This leads to a large number of people being influenced by watching the television. It is therefore right to presume that anything everyone pays attention to often will inevitably affect him or her whether he or she knows it or not. There was once a time when women were the real main focus of having the rightful body.

This has drifted emerge mostly affecting the male species and some of the women. Male has been affected where they want to gain muscles, lose weight, build their body structure, and have for example six parts to look awesome. Through research it was concluded that men want to have an ideal body because of various reasons, that is: they want to look like their favorite model, actor and others want to get in shape to win a woman’s heart, because of love, others want an ideal body for health reasons. With the reasons given we can therefore see how media plays a vital role in influencing women and men in practicing what they see or have heard of it. In my opinion, this has grown due to the freedom everyone has for internet access. While there are different shapes of being born some are still struggling just to be like those seen on the television.

In conclusion, the mass media has its advantages and disadvantages too. In my opinion, people are more concentrating on the internet and television. These ideas have changed our perspective on how we see our image, the love for our natural body and therefore leading to challenges by trying to fix our issues just to get a perfect body image. . Though we can safely deduce that these are strong contributing factors, we can also argue that in the end, we haves humans needs to take control of our lives and not be keen to listen and agree with everything we see on television or in the mass media.


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