body positivity/image speech

Good Afternoon everyone, my name is Bhanu and I am giving a speech on Body Positivity and Body Image. Do any of you know what body image actually is? Body Image is the awareness someone has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that can result from that awareness.

We are not happy about the way we look and it’s basically the fault of social media. The photos on social media are photoshopped but even though some people know this they choose to ignore it because the photos present a “perfect person” that everyone wants to look like.

Social media shows how a person with a “perfect body” should look. When we look at social media there is always something telling us that we have the wrong hair, the wrong make-up and the wrong clothes. Sometimes when we go shopping and we find something that we really want but our size isn’t there, we feel like we’re too fat and too ugly, society has a very narrow view of what beauty actually is, beauty is not looking attractive, beauty is being yourself and not trying to be someone you are not.

When we look inside the mirror, we see a person that we don’t like, we can easily pinpoint all the things we would change, most of us want to be very thin and have very thick long hair. People take drugs to get thinner but they are slowly killing themselves very painfully. People also use glue-on hair extensions, but after a period of time the extensions start to fall down your head, which will wreck your hair, it is best to keep your hair the way it is, it doesn’t matter if your hair is thick or thin, long or short, it really doesn’t matter.

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Society has completely destroyed our self confidence. We need to become our own role model, nobody has the right to judge our physical appearance. We have to like the person we see in the mirror. We have to be positive about ourselves and not let a nasty comment get to us. Advertisements always ask “Do you want an amazing figure? Then they show a picture of someone who is really fat and sad, next to it their magical transformation into a perfect, slim, flawless person. Once I actually saw an advert saying “do you want healthier skin?” I was like, excuse me is there anything wrong with my skin, nobody’s perfect. 97% of women actually admitted that they had at least one “I hate my body” moment, nobody’s perfect, we are all beautiful from the inside it doesn’t matter what we look like from the outside. Loving yourself is really beautiful.

From a very little age girls have been taught that they will never fit in because they’re too fat or maybe because they have bad hair or too many spots, being taught that you will never fit in because your not beautiful can leave permanent scars behind, this isn’t fair on young women as they feel under pressure to fit in so they start doing stuff to themselves like not eating, getting plastic surgery, taking drugs even committing suicide. Never let anybody tell you you can’t! Never let anybody tell you you won’t fit in! You don’t need to fit in with the rest of the group, be your own role model, nobody can take that job away from you, don’t try to be like someone your not, don’t listen to what anybody says about your appearance, Women should be known for who they are, not for what they’re not. Be you, Be your own kind of woman, just be yourself.

Thank you.

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body positivity/image speech
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