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Eminem is Eminem. The way he launched his new album Kamikaze is also so unique, without any promotion and without any announcement in advance. So different from most commercial super stars. This album is said to show respect to Beastie Boys, the earliest White rappers. One cover of their album also features a plane, and this album also includes 13 tracks. This album, like most of his previous works, is hard in feeling. Eminem is once regarded as a multi-role musician, from Slim Shady who spoke rashly without any hesitation, through the matured and prudent Eminem and to Marshal Mathers who remarried his ex-wife for their daughter.

As he gained age, he became less radical. However, this album Kamikaze brings back that arrogant Slim Shady. Among rappers of the same period with him, Kanye headed fashion field, selling luxury shoes; Jay Z operates a music company.

Only Eminem, the 46-aged old rapper, still holds to his microphone, reappears with his new album, like a gust of wind sweeping the hip-hop world.

The Ringer, first track in this album, expressed his contempt upon the flow of many new emerging trap singers, his aversion to the overused of Auto-Tune in Mumble Rap and his unsatisfying with the culture of the whole hip-pop world. Generally, The Ringer sings out his discontent. Greatest, produced by Milk Will, is very delicately recorded. The trap Beats doesn’t affect Eminem’s rhythm. This song, like many of his early songs, features in very good rhythm. Eminem exerts great effort in the rhythm of his early songs.

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You can hear the sound of pen writing on the paper and paper torn and torn again. This is how he creates his music. In this track, he also shows his respect to Kendrick. At the same time, he mocked his own last album Revival.

Lucky you feats with Joyner Lucas, whom Eminem holds respect for. This is also the firs they cooperate with each other. Although rapid-fire, this song is still full of touching mood. Eminem attacked the state of hip-pop world today, with his own technique, creativity and talent. He directly pointed out the meaninglessness of those Mumble Rap. Royner Lucas expressed his discontent with unfair treat to him. He deserves better recognition from the rap and hip-pop world, but in fact no. The verse and lyrics of this track perfectly let out their complaints and anger. This is why this song is so rapid-fire. Paul (Skit) and Em Calls Paul (Skit) are two pieces of voice record. The former one is the voice of Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg, who suggested Eminem that it would not be a good idea to produce an album which attacks all others. This might be very risky. This track is regarded by some as the most scalding one in this album. In the latter one, you can easily tell Eminem was driving.

This voice record seems a reply to Paul (Skit). Eminem said he didn’t mean to attack all others, but only some, such as someone from Michigan who attacked him in the internet for bad verse. “ On Normal, the fifth track of this album Kamikaze, Eminem freaks out his girl friend, for cheating, dressing too sexual while he was out, being so “extra”, etc. “I just want you to be normal, why can’t you bitches be normal? Always gotta be so extra…” Stepping stone is the seventh track of Kamikaze. This is the most unique track in this album, no defying, no attacking and no dissing. Stepping stone can be said to be the most touching song in this album. Eminem retrospected his D-12 ages, the dismissal and his D-12 and his sorrowful apologize to his team members. As the song progresses, Eminem began to reflect himself for hurting others, including those who admired him. He expressed he didn’t mean to take the new emerging rappers as stepping stone.

Not Alike imitates the flow of Bad and Boujue, which made Migos fly into fame overnight. In this track, Eminem antagonized Machine Gun Kelly, who once said in public that Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade was “hot as fuck”. As a father, especially Eminem who holds his daughter the best gift from the God and who resumed his marriage with ex-wife for his daughter, this attack to his daughter is unforgivable. From this track, you spot a good father, who is ready to protect and always there to support his daughter. “You know, everyboday’s been tellin’ me what they think about me for the last few months…Maybe it’s time I tell’em what I think about them.”

From the first lines of this track, Fall, you can easily judge this is also another track to diss anyone who once questioned him as a rapper. Eminem directly antagonized Joe Budden, Tyler and Akademiks. His diss to so many arises wide controversial, but so what? This is Eminem and this is the right style of Eminem.Technically, the flow of this track seems finer than his previous works. The verse is good and carefully designed. This is also which Eminem excels at. Nice Guy (feat. Jessie Reyez) and Good Guy (feat. Jessie Reyez) are two similar songs about Eminem’s relationships. This confusing of his relationship can also be spot in Normal, another track in this album. Also similar to Normal, lyrics in these two songs are also very rude, namely verbal abuse. Some critics cited this as an evidence to show that Eminem hasn’t changed his approach while the rap and hip-pop world has change a lot during these years. However, keeping loyal to his own style and true attitude is just what make him so unique and where his charm comes from for his fans.

Venom, the last track in this album, is the lead single of the movie “Venom”, a masterpiece in film history. Before the release of Kamikaze, Eminem uploaded a small piece of the song Venom. This small piece features hard-hitting beats, perfectly matching the symbiotic alien character of the movie. Generally, this album matches with his early works. This is also an album mainly dissing all those Eminem wants to diss. But he leaves the impression that it’s okay to be angry and defiant. Despite many critics about this album, Kamikaze, like the meaning of Kamikaze, originally the name of Special Attack Unit in Japanese military, shocked the music world upon releasing, although without any pre-promotion.

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