Jim Morrison Is an Amazing Musician

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He is now part of the many ranks of amazing musicians that died young, most of whom you will recognize, such as, Elvis Presley, John Lennox, Whitney Huston and Michael Jackson, and the more prestigious 27 Club, along with Jell Hendrix and Kurt Cobalt. And most recently. Amy Whininess. I found a great affinity In this band long before I knew who Jim Morrison was, or what he had done, and once I knew this man’s story, it has unlocked the poetical mysteries in his lyrical melodies, and I have an even deeper love for The Doors’ music.

This man also introduced me to some feat poets and philosophers I would never have read, such as Nietzsche philosophies, or Armband’s poetry, which fuelled Morrison thirst for knowledge at a young age.

At school, Morrison excelled at the verbal arts, filling his schoolbooks with poetry and writings way above his age, and did his book reviews on weird and fantastical and old volumes, such as ones about 16th century demons in England, and other mysterious titles. After school, he drifted around, then moved to Los Angels and enrolled at UCLA but spent most of his time at Venice Beach in California, using drugs, LSI was his favorite, and partying and getting horribly drunk. He was studying film at the university, and all his practical pieces of film were over-conceptualized and post-modern, which went flying over the heads of the professors who subsequently failed him.

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But he retook the course much to his father’s dislike, and then later passed the course. Making films and being in cinema had never really interested Jim enough into making a career out of it, and his goal was Just to pass the easiest and most interesting course he could.

So he went back to Venice Beach, his only real home he felt at that time, and slept under boardwalks and on the roof of his unknowing friend’s house, took loads of drugs, wrote poetry, and got really drunk lot. This was the first time he wrote his poems or songs. He would get high on LSI, and then take notes at the fantastical music concerts going on inside his head. He had drifted right into the centre of the hippie lifestyle there. One day, he met Ray Manger, an old university classmate and keyboardist in a struggling rock band.

When Jim showed Ray some of his poems, and sung them out loud at his request, Ray Insisted they form a band and sing Jims poems. Ray and Jim then recruited drummer John Denser, a friend from Jims meditation class, and guitarist Robbery Krieger. At first, the four played at Rays house In his garage, whilst searching for gigs, or any chance at all to play. They got into some cheap, downtown pubs and bars, but mostly were kicked out because of loud noise or Jims suggestive gestures on stage that got the girls in the crowd excited. They got a longer set of gigs at a bar allied Whiskey a Go Go’, which they kept despite getting fired’ by the manager at least once a week because of Jims disgusting mouth, or screaming, or his sensual gestures.

Calm Ana always Eden Deescalate Walt n Milestone’s Gleeson Walt psychology of Greek mythology character Oedipus, who had killed his father and husbanded his mother. One night at Whiskey a Go Go, he decided to, with words of one syllable, graphically scream out repeatedly the actions of Oedipus in front of the audience. That got them fired for good this time. But now the group was a little teeter known, and they began to play at Sunset Strip nightclubs and moving on to more respectable venues to play at. The group was soon known for its wild and charismatic stage personality, and its hypnotic music, highlighted by Rays church yet eerie keyboard playing, Robbery flamenco-classical guitar, John’s Jazzy drumming and Jims deep, sensual, mysterious voice.

Jim had, over time, befriended a girl who used to come watch his performances at Whiskey a Go Go, and occasionally he crashed at her place. She was working for a producing company called Elektra Records, and eventually got a contract for The Doors. They soon began working on and eventually released their first album in January 1967, titled “The Doors”, which immediately received universal acclaim, with Jim being the chief lyricist. Their songs ranged from ones about taking obscene amounts of drugs like “Break on Through”, to ones of huge personal and poetic significance like the 11-minutes one “The End”. The song “Light My Fire” became a hit for the group and projected them to no.

1 on the charts. By now, Jim had gained a public reputation for erratic and wild behavior, ND was even accused and charged for many different actions, like on December 9, 1967, Jim was arrested onstage during a concert in Connecticut for attempting to incite a riot against the police, and again in 1969, where during a concert in Miami, Jim was arrested afterwards for exposing his phallus to the audience and using profanity.

When the last of his appeals for his many charges against him was denied and the possibility of Jail hanging over him, as well as his fast, stressful lifestyle, Jim decided that he was through being a rock and roll star and in 1971 he and his relined moved to Paris, where he intended to continue his literary ambitions. But, tragically life must take its toll, and on July 3, 1971, Jim Morrison was found dead in his bathtub in his apartment in Paris at the age of 27. The local police listed the cause of death as heart failure, although most assume that his heart failure drug related, and there was no autopsy.

Three years later, in 1974, Jims girlfriend died in Paris from a heroin overdose. Coincidentally she too was 27 years old when she died. This is the tragic story of a hedonistic man who believed that “Music is an expression f pure JOY’, one who believed we are all masters of our fate and captains of our souls. But on Jim Morrison tombstone lies the words “True to his destiny’, and though many say he was into pure hedonism, or Just a trouble-causer, or he Just wanted to have fun and get high, I believe he expressed it truly in his own words. “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are, and all I ever did was Just test the bounds of reality, curious to see what would happen.

That’s all it ever was: Just curiosity. “

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Jim Morrison Is an Amazing Musician
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