The Most Difficult Ethical Experience in My Business Life

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that clearly defines what is socially wrong or right The word ethics is derived from the word ethos which is an ancient Greek word meaning ‘habit.’ In our society today, ethics is becoming increasingly important yet increasingly impossible. This can be attributed to the lack of social consensus. Society is finding itself at a crossroads where some people find one thing acceptable while others find it an abomination. A good example can be drawn from the societal debate concerning abortion, To some people, abortion should be legalized but a big number of people especially religious ones disagree with this notion.

Does this mean that one group is right and the other is wrong? This is a question that cannot be easily answered However, despite this fact, there are some issues that the society has generally come together and agreed they are wrong, But this does not mean it is always easy to follow the ethical rules in place.

At one time or another, we are bound to find ourselves in an ethical dilemma.

Most Difficult Ethical Experience I have had In my Life If you are like me, you have undoubtedly found yourself caught in an ethical dilemma This is never a good situation especially given the fact that most people tend to associate ethics with their feelings. However, philosophers tend to disagree In fact, ethics does not have anything to do with our feelings. It is a well-founded structure of right and wrong (Santa Clara University).

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Therefore, with a clear definition of what ethics is, it is possible to pinpoint one or two ethical situations you have found yourself in, In my part, I found myself in a business ethical dilemma. As a supplier, you will always find yourself in a situation where people expect you to bribe to receive a tender.

This was my situation. However, as a person who has an ethical standing, I was caught in an impossible situation, Many people would offer the bribe without much of a second thought. However, this is not me. There is a model of ethics known as the virtue ethicsi This type of ethics revolves around how individuals live their lives, It touches on people‘s belief system and principals (“BBC-Ethics-Introduction to Ethics: Ethics: a General Introduction”) The society agrees that bribing is against business conduct and as an individual, I am also held accountable by my belief system. However, knowing and believing something is wrong does not always make it easy, There is that urge to give what the other person expects and in return, receive a supplying contract that will change your life.

Some people may argue that refusing to give the bribe was my moral choice. However, moral choices must be backed up by justification (Fieser) In my situation what was my moral justification? My moral justification was to my country and my belief system. By offering the bribe, I not only go against my virtues or belief system but the law of the land, Conclusion The issue concerning ethics is debatable to say the list In fact, according to some philosophers, ethics has been put in place by politicians who want advance their political agendas Others dismiss the issue of ethics that is based on religion. The argument for this is what happens to atheists? Nonetheless, ethics is here to ensure that we keep our society safe and equal to everyone.

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