The Many Ethical Dilemmas If Parents Had the Option to Genetically Engineer Their Babies

There are many ethical dilemmas that would arise if parents had the option to genetically engineer their babies. Although this is a widely controversial issue, there are many pros and cons to creating a couples child. There is no right or wrong answer to the question. The deciding factor is dependant on the views and ethics of the parents. Through research we are now able to discover and alter a variety of aspects pertaining to the birth of ones child.

The quest for the creation of designer babies has been a slow conquest.

Beginning with test tube babies and finishing with the human genome project it has been a long haul. Many people are willing to argue the positive aspects of genetically altering an unborn child. For instance a couple is able to alter the sex, screen for diseases, pick an embryo based upon their specific traits and alter many other characteristics. For many, some of these procedures are necessary in order to check and prevent hereditary diseases; yet many advocates present the more ethical issues of designer babies.

Taking a closer look at the matter you realize that being an ardent supporter of designer babies is quite questionable. If we allow for the use of creating ones child would be begin to rid ourselves of people deemed undesirable in society? The pursuit for the perfect child many begin to grow wildly out of control as parents vie to make their child exactly what they want.

Since this is a new process we are unaware of the possible future consequences.

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I feel that allowing people to design a baby will begin to take away the uniqueness of having a baby; knowing exactly what your baby is going to be like will take the fun out of it. The use of designer babies should only be able to be accessible to parents who need it. As of right now only parents who are attempting to get pregnant through fertility clinics are allowed to use the service.

The choice to create ones child is the parents choice alone and when it comes down to it there are the only ones that matter. You could present every single ethical issue and you would still be unable to change the mind and views of a person.

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