Ethical Dilemmas In Social Work Essays

This essay sample on Ethical Dilemmas In Social Work Essays provides all necessary basic info on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay. For this assignment I will explicate personal values, biass, ethical quandary and the impact they have had on societal work pattern by reflecting on one of my beliefs and how I had to dispute myself to get the better of it. Using Marxists and Feminists positions of subjugation I aim to place, recognize, regard and value diverse persons for which I will give an illustration of which happened to me and how I had to dispute favoritism towards others.

I will besides discourse theoretical models to undertaking subjugation and favoritism by utilizing the PCS theoretical account and how people can go empowered through groups, protagonism or statute law. A value is something that concerns person or a belief they hold, this determines how a individual behaves, values do non find if something is said whether it is right or incorrect in today ‘s society.

However, a individual ‘s belief ‘s can impact how they behave towards others.

“ Prejudice is a term which has instead negative intensions and is usually taken to intend a hostile attitude towards a individual or group ”

( Billingham et al. 2008. Pg. 196 )

One of my values and a bias of mine is that any occupation I am employed in will finally travel to people working in a foreign state, particularly India. This all stems from when I worked for a 3rd party recognition card processor, after giving them nine old ages of service I was traveling to be made redundant and my occupation would be actioned from people in India.

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For the following two months I would hold to develop people from there all the applications I was presently or had worked on. This gave me a quandary do state them all the information I knew or merely some of it? I had to be professional, so I gave them as much information on the applications for which I knew about, I even created user ushers to assistance with the preparation and they could utilize when I had left the company.

When speaking to the people I found that we had things in common with each other and they were saddened that a individual would lose their occupation. It was n’t their mistake I was being made redundant but the companies in which we worked for. I had successfully challenged the new belief that had risen from a sad state of affairs.

“ Valuess are merely every bit good as the actions they prompt ”

( Preston-Shoot, 1996. Pg 31 )

When working with people from other states I will necessitate to set my ain values and biass aside, as everyone deserves aid and advice in their lives no affair where they come from in the universe. If I fail to set my values and biass aside whilst working with them it will impact the aid they will have from me, I need to be unfastened minded to all civilizations. Thompson ( 2005 ) explains that there is a demand for genuineness ( congruity ) to be achieved in societal work, that a positive working relationship between service user and societal worker is needed based on trust and regard for each other to develop.

Identify, Recognise, Respect and Value Diverse Persons

Thompson ( 2006 ) describes favoritism as “ to place a difference and is non needfully a negative term ” . But when used in footings of legal, moral or in a political sense it is referred to as being unjust e.g. being below the belt treated for your gender or cultural beginning. If this occurs it can take to a individual being oppressed.

When looking at subjugation from a Marxists position D’Amato claims that people are oppressed because of the category in which they live in, that adult females, homophiles or people of colored tegument are low-level to the Bourgeoisie and Capitalism is needed in society as it shapes and depends on subjugation for its endurance. Marxists argue that if racism, sexism or homophobia was to be embraced it will intend that a capitalist authorities would necessitate to be overthrown and that subjugation is indispensable to the battle of socialism.

From a Extremist Feminists view Zeiber ( 2008 ) argues that adult females are oppressed within the patriarchal system, that matrimony and the household are a consequence of capitalist economy. Holmstrom ( 2003 ) speaks about Socialist Feminism, holding that adult females are oppressed by the laterality of work forces and of the economic inequality because of the places of power males have within society.

I work on a farm where we frequently have Polish every bit good as British people working at that place. One twelvemonth a co-worker was doing barbarous gags towards the Polish people, as others were doing merriment at their civilization, and their Catholic beliefs were incorrect. I could see that something was incorrect, so I spoke to them ; they told me they felt they were being discriminated against and started to experience really oppressed because they were non British.

Then I spoke to my director about the state of affairs which was go oning and he left me to “ cover ” with. I had to believe about how I was traveling to near it so both parties would be happy with the result.

So I asked the culprit to come outdoors and speak with me. I told him that the Polish people were unhappy the manner in which he was handling them. He was shocked as he thought they were all “ holding a laugh ” with each other. It was difficult for me to face the culprit as it was my male parent, a adult male I looked up to. Reflecting on what had happened I knew I had said the right things to my male parent as they continued to work with each in harmoniousness, non desiring to pique each other, enabling a good working environment for all.

Discrimination can be found in establishments like the church, prison or by a individual in a place of power. It can be covertly actioned by utilizing camouflages like the Klu Klux Klan in USA wear masks hiding their individuality or overtly actioned like apartheid in South Africa or the BNP in Britain.

Make usage of Schemes to Challenge Discrimination, Inequality and Injustice

There are schemes in topographic point to assist educate people about inequality, favoritism and unfairness such as protagonism and statute law. As societal workers we need to back up and talk up for persons that face being oppressed or discriminated against. By utilizing protagonism to stand for those who are unable to talk up for themselves. E.g. have larning or communicating troubles. Walker ( 2008 ) advises that protagonism has it strengths but besides has its failings.

Strength from utilizing protagonism are: Peoples who have been socially excluded from mainstream society addition a voice, when a service user has a societal worker who listens can be given assurance to talk for themselves, therefore turning in ego assurance and societal workers can larn and understand more on how it feels to be disempowered when listening to a service user.

But the failings are: there is a danger that the societal worker can set their ain positions frontward and non those positions of the service user, the advocator can take over, therefore the service user can go disempowered and the societal worker may happen that by utilizing protagonism it can set them in struggle with the administration in which the work for, their truenesss can go split.

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