The Love/Hate Relationship between the Siblings Jack and Stephen

The relationship between two siblings is both a strange, yet comforting thing, Some of them hate each other with a passion, and some love each other endlessly. And then there are some siblings that are in between That’s where Jack and Stephen lay on the spectrum of sibling love/rivalry. Jack loves his brother dearly, and he knows that but at the same time, he despised him. He hates the things his brother does, but he loves him all the same because he is his brother.

Jack was on his way to save his brother’s life, he wanted to make sure he would be okay in the face of this flood Sometimes, Jack absolutely hated his brothert His mom loves Stephen more even though all he did was make stupid choices throughout his life, yet here he is trying to save his idiot brother. In the text, Jack is taking about his mother’s love for Stephen, “I knew she‘d been crying for him as she’s never cry for me”.

He knows that his mother loves Stephen more and that she cares more for him than she ever will for Jack. Yes, he’s saddened by this notion but he’s grown to accept it and still loves his brother all the same This quote shows that he has both acknowledged and come to terms with this sad, yet true fact of his life, yet he still treks onward to make sure mother’s favorite child is alive and well.

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As much as he may hate some of the things that Stephen does, he loves him like a brother because that’s what they are. They’re brothers and family. A sibling relationship is like a rollercoaster, it goes up and down, it has good and bad times. This story exemplifies this notion, Jack loves his brother, even though the things that Stephen does tend to infuriate him He loves his brother no matter what stupid things he does, and that show sibling love typically is. You love your sibling no matter what, because they are your family and that’s what family does. They all love each other no matter what.

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