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Leadership is paramount in our society for it guides good morals and behaviorr Leadership elements can be expressed anywhere, and it is not necessary that someone must hold a very influential position to do so. Leadership is judged by character, morals, and behavior that one has in the society (Moe & Dyba, 2010). It is also expressed through the actions that one takes when given a position to guide others either in the school, family or the social set-upr Our institutions today, expose us to various forms of leadership which we may not be aware of.

The small role that one is given to lead a team in doing a simple task such as community service, homework or charity event is paramount in exposing our character and behaviors, In this paper, I am going to describe my leadership experience and how I have influenced others in school, the work environment, and the community Leadership experience with which I have positively influenced others When I was working as a volunteer for a civil engineering firm, I was exposed to various situations that helped me develop my leadership capabilities in different aspects.

Leadership was an essential element since I was the shadow of the company’s chief executive officerr I was trained during my orientation on how to relate with employees, and how to respond to different conflicts in the workplace I was trained on various communication skills, team building, coordination, and various managerial aspectsi I had to interact with employees on a daily basis to supervise them and also record any complaints in the workplace.

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There were several ways that I Influenced the employs positively during my volunteer work First, I ensured that all the required information reached the employees in time Information delays in the company initially delayed production in the company, and the employees had been blamed for such occurrences, My first agenda was to ensure that the right information reached the employees in time. Also, I helped them solve various conflicts they had within them, I had to take them through conflict resolution strategies in the workplace and also help them learn how to communicate with one another effectively.

It was not an easy task, but at the end of my session in the company, a majority of the employee’s had begun relating well with each other, and they did not face hard tie completing their duties in time. I was also a good listener, andI collaborated with them while they were working. I had to teach them the importance of teamwork in the workplace I helped them performing various duties, and with time they learned to respect me and listen to me, They also embraced the value of treating each other with kindness while working together (Berry, 2011) This helped them to improve theirjob relations and at the same time meet the product timelines, The number of complaints that I got from them had reduced drastically (Chen,, 2011). This was a good step for the company for they stopped focusing more on employee dissatisfaction but focused their attention more on improving their product quality and improving customer service in the company How I show my creative side Creativity is paramount in all aspects of social life, and in the job environment.

The distinct ways of dealing with issues in the society have lost meaning over time, and people are now starting to figure out better, efficient and effective ways of dealing with issues I express my creativity depending on the circumstances that 1 face in my life, I prefer negotiation when dealing with conflicts especially when the another party is in the wrong Negotiating in a creative way, for instance, letting the other party to set the terms makes it easier for me to resolve the conflict without involving emotions. Creativity is also expressed in the way I think and act especially when I am working with a team. It is often difficult to think along the same line with people who originate from different cultures. I apply “win-win” concept, by letting the decision makers weigh the consequence and benefit of every step they take. The element of cost-benefit analysis comes in handy at this period, I let the team evaluate the positive and the negative side of every decision then arrive at the most feasible solution based on the stated facts, I rely less on theories and emotion, but logic enables me to see beyond the present situation when dealing with problems.

It also allows me to evaluate the sustainability of a given solution in its ability to solve a given problem Communication also requires creativity, for it determines how things will be done in a given company, The way one communicates to other people is critical in getting things done in a company. I keep my communication simple, timely and with appropriate tone and language. I consider people’s feelings when I am communicating to them for it will determine how they will respond to it. I ensure that when I communicate, it has the right message for the right individuals and at the right time (Moe & Dyba, 2010). This prevents miscommunication and aids in addressing barriers at the receiving end. It costs companies a lot of resources to meet the communication needs of its employees and clients, while it is the simplest activity that can be achieved when the right systems are in place, My greatest talent and how I have developed and demonstrated that talent over time.

Ever since I was a kid, I always had the love for art. Later I discovered that am a talented artist in drawing, and with the help and support from my friends and family, I can practice it everywhere. When Ijoined middle school, Ijoined art club which comprised of different kids from different cultural backgrounds talented in art. I worked with them together with our art teacher, who helped me a lot towards perfecting my artistic skills in drawing I took drawing classes in middle school and high school. I was an active member of art clubs in both stages. My parents took me to drawing competitions, and it greatly improved my skills, In college, I have studied management as my specialty, but I still take art very seriously In fact, I am the chairperson of our art club in college, and from this experience, I not only learn art, but I also perfect my leadership skills. I learn from others who are better and much experienced than me, for instance, my club patron who has been in the art industry for thirty years I occasionally visit his gallery in the city to admire his beautiful drawings and also learn valuable lessons from him.

He also teaches me, how to express an in detail using different shades to create a lasting impression to the viewer. I also study various artists, for instance, Leonardo da Vinci to learn their styles I am also an actively subscribed member of the art society in our State that meets semi- annually to review various artworks that artists present; this has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with individuals from different cities and towns with artistic specialties It has considerably improved me not only as an artist but as a person, I have learned how to communicate with people, socialize and how to create networks In fact, I have landed myself clients, who are great admirers of my work, It has also improved my confidence as a person and has also improved my presentation skills. How I have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity to overcome an educational barrier Education gives people the chance to achieve academic satisfaction and to land them the career of their choice It also grants them the opportunity to learn about the society we are living and how to overcome the challenges that it presents to us as humans.

However, attaining the required educational requirements does not come easily, but it presents itself with various challenges that one needs to overcome for them to achieve that step (Berry, 2011) I did not dream that I will join college, given that it is very expensive for a majority of parents to fully fund the tuition fee until a friend asked me to apply for a scholarship that was sponsoring art students. It has given me the chance to pursue a management course, and also to advance my art in drawing Through college education, I have been able to meet people from different parts of the world, socialize and also improve my personal character and behavior. It had helped me to face fears that I had before, that I was never going to achieve my dream as a manager and as an artist, I have taken advantage of the college opportunity to meet with great personalities that occasionally visit for various functions and events, I have also improved my networking skills and I have had an opportunity attend leadership training through various clubs that I have joined. An opportunity for me to exercise my leadership skills has also been made a reality for I am the chairperson of my art club. It grants me the opportunity to interact with my club members, develop solutions to various problems we face and also gives me a chance to represent them in major events both in and outside the college, The most significant challenge I have faced and the steps taken to overcome this challenge and how has this challenge affected my academic achievement.

The most significant challenge I faced was the lack of adequate tuition fee to fund my high school education. My father was the only one who was employed and had to meet all the needs of the family including me, and my sibling in middle school, It was expensive for him to meet all our financial needs at the same time. This was almost locked me out of high school education for my father insisted on me joining a private school that offered art as a course To embrace my shortcomings, I had to plan on how to raise money to fund part of my tuition. The first step I took was to plan my schedule, to ensure that I had time to work part-time in one of the restaurants as a cashier. Afterward, I wrote my resume, and I dropped to various restaurants that needed my services, Later I communicated to my family about the decision I had made, and gladly, they supported me. I got lucky, and I was called to a restaurant that had just begun its operations that needed cashiers, I reported to work, but I ensured that I kept my schedules on track to prevent interfering with my school work. I was able to raise half of my tuition fees in two months.

It was also a breakthrough for I learned various aspects of management and financial record keeping. The manager always consulted my expertise when they wanted to do a financial audit and budgeting for the business, It helped me grow, and in fact, it improved my academic achievement in school for I had been exposed to practical situations in my area of specialty What I have done to make my community a better place As a chairperson of my art club, I have provided opportunities to my members to participate in making our school and our community a better place. This has been mainly through community services such as cleaning activities that we undertake twice a month in our community. It gives the members a chance to interact with people from different cultures and religious background. That way they learn to appreciate them and embrace them, and in the long run changing their attitudes towards them (Flore, 2011), The clean-up services also ensure that the environment that these people live is cleaner and better, thus allowing children to play freely without much cautiont We also hold fundraisers for food, clothing, and money to take to children orphanages in our community This activity is a way that our school and the members of art club gives back to the society, by putting a smile on the faces of those children.

It also goes a long way in ensuring that they meet their basic needs, Also, we engage in various educational activities for special groups in the community We arrange educational sessions for groups such as drug addicts, alcoholics, and prisoners, to help them in making their lives better, Our sessions help them to focus and also letting them know that they have not been isolated, and the society still cares for them We have helped this people change their attitude towards life, and it has helped them abandon their habits (Fiore, 2011). In conclusion, leadership is not about holding a big position or doing big things for the society to see It is about making change within the smallest area of influence It aids in building us for greater responsibilities in future. It is also a stepping stone towards improving our moral and social behavior in the society Leadership is about making a difference, and at the same time appreciating the efforts that other people make We face challenges in life, but the way we choose to approach them is cruciali Showing a positive attitude towards every situation is a vital aspect of ensuring that we become better people in future. We should also be ready to give back to the society through the little efforts that make a difference to people.

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