The Importance of Community Clean-Up Days on Every Weekend

In the city of Victorville, the city held an event to make a difference in the community. This event happens once a month. It is called Community Clean-up Day. My AVID teacher suggests me and my class mates to go for community service and to help our city. This day is a great resource for our futures. However, there is a situation that links to this day. The problem is, “why is Community Clean-up not on every weekend?” It is a problem because after cleaning the city once a month, garbage automatically comes again.

It is similar to a cycle. Also, the service should have different cleaning strategies. Garbage hurts the environment. This resolution could pass the Four Way Test. The first question states, “Is it the truth?” This conflict is the truth because garbage is horrible for the environment. For example, littering in lands makes the environment look unorganized and dirty. This cause affects the air. It causes pollution.

Pollution is very harmful and poisonous to the environment.

Also, the garbage could get into the oceans. It will be harmful to the sea mammals too. This city is a desert; however, the winds could make the garbage travel. At one moment when I was at a park, I saw a small portion of trash. Then, children were playing with it. This could affect health. The second question states, “Is it fair to all concerned?” The answer is yes. It is fair to all concerned to the people who live in this city.

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Citizens should appreciate the city they live in. Garbage could be found everywhere in the city. Places such as schools, parks, and the empty dirt fields in this city. The dirt fields don’t seem significant all, but it should stay clean, because there might be some organisms we don’t know about. Furthermore, a place of learning should stay clean at all times. Every student needs to make sure there is no trash in their surroundings. Students can’t learn and be in filthy areas.

The staffs should convince their students into keep the school clean. Community Clean-up Day will be a good idea for every weekend. It could be at schools, parks, and dirt fields. The third question states, “Will it build goodwill and better friendships?” Yes it will. It will build better friendships because communication is the key to success. It is the key because it represents how an individual could be so professional. Also, it affects the future. One voice could make one huge change. It could make changes by making the world a better place for people. This could also teach more teamwork experience. Teamwork experience is a good key. It’s a good key because it reduces less conflict. It also could make people feel more comfortable. For example, a, group students gathered around and pick up the garbage together. Then, the next day, an individual asks his/her new friend about hanging out. This could lead to new adventures with others. Finally, will it be beneficial to all concerned? Yes it will be. People in this society could change by this. It could lead them to thinking that helping out is good. Also, it will make people want to volunteer more often. Community Clean -Up days on every weekend will be useful for others. It will help others get work experience and teamwork experience. We would want people to inspire others by great things they do. They will influence others to help the world.

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