A Clean Well Lighted Place Essay

World War people lost hope and Hemingway includes this somber moo d of the lost generation into the lives of his characters. Hemingway repeats the line, “a n old man who sat in the shadow of the leaves of the tree made against the electric light” in order r to introduce the dark mood of the story which reflects the character’s emotions, it underscore s the old man’s depth of loneliness and isolation. The shadows outside the cafe represent the dark thoughts that he old man has while the light represents the cafe as a safe place for him.

It is the light of course but it is necessary that the place be clean and pleasant. ” The light is sys embolism because it provides a place of comfort, to get away from the old man’s despair. The old man’s characterization of darkness is shown through his attempt to commit suicide. This is a common occurrence for people who serve in war.

Hemingway alcoholic dependency I s evident in the older man who drinks for the numbness, “Hess drunk now, Hess drunk every in HTH”, the younger waiter observes.

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Hemingway includes this information to show the abuse of a School and the reliability the characters have for alcohol. Another aspect of Hemmingway style includes the variation of short and long sentences to demonstrate a realness in the short story. By using this syntax, Hemingway creates the essence of a discussion between two real people through stream of consciousness for the audience to relate to the story and characters.

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The short responses that both waiters give to one another also wows their interests in the topic of the old man’s suicide attempt.

The young ere waiter seems to persistently ask questions because he is selfish and nosy, not because the me scions of the old man actually concern him, “he should have killed himself last week”, he confer sees. Opposing, the older waiter seems to be annoyed by the upbringing of the subject because SE he closely relates to the old man and “recognizes from the first that the old man’s despair is not a reaction to a material lack but to a basic metaphysical principle”. The old waiters analysis o the old man characterizes him as sympathetic because he, too, is scarred by the war.

The symbolic darkness that the characters are trying to escape through indulge once of alcohol and by finding light is Nadia. Nadia is the consciousness of knowing that tee are all nothing, “It is all a nothing that he knew too well. It was all nothing and a man was nothing too. “All the characters introduced in the short story encounter Nadia. For the y nuns waiter, Nadia is his lack of light or insight, for example, the young waiter is unsympathetic t awards the old Nan’s emotions and he cares only for his desire to go home to his wife.

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A Clean Well Lighted Place Essay
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