The Ideas That Came to Light During the Enlightenment

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Enlightenment and The Age of Reason

The Enlightenment, a movement that started in the 18th century Europe, was a time when individuals were much accepting to new ideas. Society and knowledge advanced during this time because these intellectuals who took part in this movement started the power of reason for it. The intertwining of science and the Church brought new inventions and views to the world. This age in time happened to be closed to fixed ideas and tradition, for the world has begun to evolve into something more modern by mixing new concepts with traditional manifestation.

An increase of empiricism, reductionism, and scientific rigor brought reason to many subjects. There was also much question of religious orthodoxy. The burst of new ideas also extended the table of debates and more open and accessible forms of sociability and print culture. With these debates, came along tougher arguments, in which were concluded on reason.

Many topics of the time discussed the common concern and one was simply appealed to that, for logical ideas of solving ideas came along.

Reason was valued way more that anything else during the Enlightenment period. This, with no surprise, brought the Enlightenment to also be called the Age of Reason. The industrialization of the world has definitely improved most people. With technology and new inventions, knowledge is advancing and work is being done faster. Along with that, variety expands and many things become much more flexible. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, which took place in Western Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries, businesses only grew to become bigger companies.

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Without certain businesses or inventions the world would not have been as advanced as it is today.

During the Age of Enlightenment, the idea of liberty was pushed for equal rights. Liberty included freedom of many things such as speech and religion. At this time, many individuals had the ability to travel where they want to and therefore, mixed races and religions interact. As arguments between their own kind, the Enlightenment brought the idea of freedom between different kinds. This became an American ideal in the United States as decades passed. Americans now fight for freedom of all races and religions.

Another idea during the Enlightenment that became an ideal in the United States was the life of the people. The meaning of life could be expanded to mean the quality of one’s life their living. This easily became an American ideal, for an American does not believe that a criminal is unfit to live, unwanted children and the ill should not be living, and that the enemy is unworthy for life. One last American ideal that became incredibly important was the Enlightenment idea of the pursuit of happiness. This was never believed to guarantee happiness forever, but to strive for happiness within. These three American ideals all started out as an idea during the Age of the Enlightenment. The United States adopted them to the Declaration of Independence and are unalienable rights of the typical citizen.

For the most part, communism did improve life for the average Soviet citizen. At first, the Soviet economic system became more complex, for numerous enterprises bloomed and communication needed to be held together more strongly. Communism made the economy very slow when it came to success. However, income was alright between families of the U.S.S.R. They just wanted more than what was available. Health care and education was offered when needed and for free along with other services of a typical citizen.

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