My Travels: Why I Came to Hawaii

I began structuring my paper by looking at my free writing. I wrote very descriptively of the Andes Mountains so I decided to start there. I made my first Paragraph directly from my free write and linked it to the point of my essay. I then chose three places that I had traveled to that I felt influenced my decision to come to Hawaii. This was a struggle because every trip I’ve been on has shaped me in one way or another.

After deciding my places I wrote creatively about them and began tying it back to how it influenced me coming to Hawaii. My introduction is my favorite part of my biography, I feel it was the most creative and descriptive part. Lastly, I concluded my paper by showing how my travels influenced me into coming to Hawaii and proving they had a positive effect on my life. First, after reading my revisions I worked on all the grammar issues in my paper.

After cleaning these up I moved on to writing about a fourth trip I left Lima out because it was more personal and I wasn’t comfortable sharing that much information about myself. Reading another person’s paper made me feel more comfortable though and I decided to add the section about Peru. After adding this section I added how it influenced me to come to Hawaii and ironed out my conclusion. Around the world and back: A brisk breeze blows chilling my cheeks, the air is thin and dry I pull my hood up to block the snowy assault.

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Meanwhile gazing over to the horizon, seeing steep peaks jutting straight out of the ground. The mountains lay steep and barren, I can’t help but remember a saying by Augustine of Hippo, The words “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one-page” echo in my head. There Is so much truth to these words. As I look over the cold, sharp Andes I realize this is just another page in the vast book of the world.

A book that I seek to read is traveling has always been a significant part of my life. As long back as I can remember my family has always been exploring new places. Whether it was quiet beaches or breathtaking summits, we would venture to see them I believe that traveling has shaped me into the adventure seeker I am today. My first memories of traveling are of Hawaiit before I was five I had already visited the island oasis more than 10 times, this is where I believe my love of travel began, I would go into the cockpit of the United 777 every time before the flightt I remember getting to sit in the captain’s chair and wearing his hat. As if this wasn’t enough for a tiny little boy, they would always give me a little gold badge to put on my shirt. I adored those small plastic badges I would wear them long after the gold paint started to wear off.

I was never mad when they broke however I knew there would be more to come I never really minded the long flights to Hawaii. The dry air and bland food didn’t bother me much I was always too transfixed by the breathtaking views to care about being stuck in an uncomfortable seat for 7 hours. Clearly from this point one could see I was destined to adventure I loved coming to Hawaii, it turned me into a total beach kid. I loved the warm sun radiating against my darkening skin and the crashing waves spitting salt into the sky I loved the way the palm trees swayed in the cool sunset breezes and being able to tell the ocean was near by tasting the salt in the air. From this point on I fell in love with the island paradise, one could say the aloha lifestyle rubbed off on me, and I felt at home in Hawaii, I believe is the main reason I began pursuing travel.

When I was sixteen I took a trip to Italy, Switzerland, and Germany this trip was magically picturesque and life-changing. Traveling by train from Florence to Venice was something special, the hills in Italy are so lush and green and the towns are small and quaint. After I got off the train I got lost, not in a bad way, getting lost in a new place really changed me. The streets in Venice are so narrow and complex I wandered for hours far from the noisy tourist attractions of the grand canal, Far into the quiet maze of waterways and walkways I found a tranquil coffee shop. The light was low and there were only two other people there I ordered a Cappuccino, my favorite drink, and sat down. The Cappuccino was exquisite, the foam was done perfectly and the beans were roastedjust right I can distinctly remember tasting pure perfection in a cup, In this moment I realised how delightful getting lost in a new city was. The next year I took a trip to Santiago, Chile, an unbelievable city.

The smell of smog is met by the sight of giant skyscrapers shooting out of the ground to add to this interesting place fifteen thousand-foot peaks stand just outside the city limits. It creates an interesting contrast from a urban sprawl straight into the jagged snow-capped Andes, the people in Chile are incredibly remarkable. They live in one of the harshest environments in the world. Even though the earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions they still manage to be genuinely kind and accepting. This made me feel at home even when I was thousands of miles away patagonia was the most breathtaking place I have ever been in my life Large glacier filled valleys quickly made way into spearhead-like peaks in one direction and bays with 50-foot tidal fluctuation to the othert I took this trip alone which made it the first of its kind. It made the trip all the better by forcing me to make new friends and meet new people I learned to love this independence and wanted more of it.

Later in the same year I decided to travel back to South America to enjoy surfing the brisk waters of Peru. On my way to Lima my flight got canceled and I was stuck overnight in Houston. The people around me were all incredibly upset, but even this setback couldn’t derail my happiness. In the hotel that night I realized that even when my travels don’t go as planned and I didn’t make it to Peru I was still happy. This is because every detour is just another adventure in the grand scope of things. Fortunately the next day I managed to get a seat on an outbound flight for Lima Lima was one of the strangest places I had ever laid eyes on. To describe it in two words the city was controlled chaos there was a mist that hung thick over the city, it was like being in a cloud Strange smells filled the streets and the air. Smells of freshly cooked pork, exotic fruits, and motor exhaust all mixed together Hundreds of small motorcycles and cars clogged the streets blaring their horns every chance they got.

There were many small stands selling fruits from my wildest dreams. Everyone I tried tasted so different some were as sweet as candy and some were as tart as lemons, but all were incredibly delicious. It was wondrous that I could come to a place seeking waves and experience so much more. The beach in Peru was awe-inspiring the city of controlled chaos instantly dropped off into the sea. There were craggy hundred-foot cliffs with thin strips of riverstone beaches at the bottoms the beach, like the city, was littered with little mobile stores, but instead of selling fruit they were renting surf gear. I rented a board and wetsuited up with a 70-year-old man. He was a PhD, political scientist who lived on the beach in a small shack renting boards I instantly connected with this man who told me “education can’t buy happiness.” These words still echo with me today.

Offshore in the frigid water, where the sun blinded my eyes, he offered me much more insight into life. He talked about education, happiness, and death. In my mind, he was a philosopher, but in his he was a surf bum. We spent the remainder of that chilly afternoon surfing the Riverstone beach I am so thankful for this experience and he was probably the most influential person in my life. My travels have shaped me to who I am today. They are the reason I chose to come to Hawaii. All those trips so early in my life made me love Hawaii. This was one of the most influencing factors in my choice to attend the University of Hawaii. The biggest influence however, was that man in Lima, this was right when I was deciding between schools and I didn‘t know if I should sacrifice academics, to an extent, and attend UH.

He made me see though that there are no guarantees in life and that education doesn‘t buy happiness I committed to UH the day 1 got back from this trip. A smaller but still important reason for me to move to Hawaii was the independence I had going to Chile alone. I was done living so close to my comfort zone and wanted to change it up like I did in Chile. Finally, my travels in Italy helped sway me into attending college here in Hawaii by showing me how cool it is to get lost in a new city Honolulu was clearly just the next city for me to get lost in and I enjoy every moment.

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