The History of the Opera

In all of Europe, Opera is a very widespread and popular musical tradition and since, the popularity has only flourished. Opera is an art form in which singers and musicians perform a dramatic work combining text along with musical score. It has been said that those who sing opera compare to olympic athletes, but in the category of singing. It is very demanding art and people spend a lot of time trying to master this craft. It doesn’t only consist of singing but also theatre and drama all around as well.

Though there is opera in America, is is mostly popular in European countries.

It all began in the late 15th century-early 16th century during the Renaissance in Italy. A group of wealthy artists, writers, and musicians, called the Florentine Camerata, were concerned and decided to gather to discuss ways to revive and strengthen greek drama. Jacopo Peri composed the first known opera, Dafne, in the late 1590’s, shortly followed by a few others such as Orfeo (1607) and Arianna (1608).

The first opera house was built in Venice Italy in 1637 and soon after shows started taking place, opera exploded in all of Italy as well as France and Germany.

In the 17th and 18th century opera really flourished and began going in all sorts of directions. The variety of styles expanded, orchestras got more involved and theater became taking a big part in the art. Around this time is when the light really started shining on Mozart and his dramatic musical brilliance.

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Mozart was an expert at bringing out various emotions in his operas and he is one of the best known composers of opera in history.

Opera today is still well respected and greatly admired all around the world, mostly throughout Europe. It has inspired other musical arts such as musicals and a capella. This emotional musical form of theater has greatly developed into a very inspirational and admirable musical art and will continue growing throughout history.

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