The History Of Brewery Bötzow

Once something is very different – a double ribbon with industrial / architectural photographs taken in a dilapidated former brewery in the hip Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg, is just before the impressive industrial monument in an ultra-modern shopping, entertainment and residential center redesigned .

the brewery Bötzow whose first cooling cellars were dug at the Prenzlauer Allee in 1864, has a colorful history. Only in 1885 it began to brew the Bötzow beer here – because the beer garden had 6,000 seats. Soon Bötzow was the largest private brewery in northern Germany and the Royal Prussian purveyor.

Julius Bötzows building on the brewery property was called the “Castle in the north”. On January 5, 1919 Karl Liebknecht and other leading members of USPD and KPD in Bötzow’s beer garden the “Revolution Committee”, which called for a general strike and overthrow the government Friedrich Ebert founded. The last beer was brewed here 1949th Thereafter, the partially destroyed huge basement, halls and courtyards were used as storage rooms.

In recent years, cultural here and subcultural events took place – a cool location for exhibitions, events, parties; Movie and TV filming in the walls. 2010 bought the investor and art collector Prof. Hans Georg Nader, the entire parcel and now realizes his ideas for its future use.

Before the demolition and rebuilding work begins, the photographer Goetz received Diergarten the opportunity to the area to hold scour and his view of things. About 46 of these photographs includes the band “Götz Diergarten: On Bötzow”. 72 pages parallel, wrote Näder a photo contest and invited in November 2011 eighteen students Ostkreuzschule, a private training institute for photography and image editing in Berlin-Weissensee, , the semi-ruins complex to explore straight from the shoulder – and therefore there is a second volume on the subject – “Ostkreuzschule: on Bötzow.

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” – with about 88 photographs of students on 76 pages

Expect just no leadership through Sleeping Beauty Castle, and certainly not through the Berlin neighborhood. In both volumes, there is hardly furnishings, hardly any people, a few exterior shots, no plan. What matters is the discovery of a charming, evocative views on the site and its photographic stylization.

Diergarten photos are true works of art. Clear design, straight lines, horizontally or vertically, Symmetry, quiet proportions, rather than areas of color drawing, dominated play with light and shadow. The pictures show parts of walls, gates, walls, rooms, structured by elements such as pilasters, riveting series, cornices. They seem almost abstract, sometimes surrealistic. But despite the obvious design over the head they emit no cold out – on the contrary, the colors (lots of brown, blue and shades of gray, off-white, in between perky blobs, but overall a dull palette) make strange for life without people decoration. Bizarre the bubbling structures flaking paint. Great the stables: one in the foreground semi-dark hall, six black cast-iron pillars redirect the view as if by a nave towards a gate in the middle of the back wall, the semi-raised purple curtain can still far, far look to the next, brighter hall. Since all lines to vote as from the textbook of perspective drawing; even the electric cable hit the exact center vanishing point. Only the neon tube on the ceiling does not play with, radiates asymmetrically.

Now, this way of composing perhaps lies not any. And so the comparison between Diergarten photos and those of the eighteen students is just exciting. The acclaimed artist maintains his style that makes his paintings recognizable. The student is expected to still grope, experiment. But far from it. Each / r has apparently already developed its own visual language, no less original, is no less clear no less powerful of them.

The image objects are of course similar – again landscapes pfützigen concrete floors, brick, detached wallpaper, stained whitewash, function lost hanging mechanics. the intricate maze of extremely heavy scaffolding, valve clusters, rusty steel beams. But in a student band one is surprised on each side: As mysterious scenes are arranged (with people), cultivated dark threat, played with alienating techniques, but also to Diergarten Type composed with colors and patterns. Just wonderful, like vastness and confinement, perspective and space, color and monochrome wide variety of impressions across.

Art. Until 28 July 2012, the exhibition (in the studio building Prenzlauer Allee 242) to which these two bands provide a catalog running. Besides photos they contain introductory essays and notes material; in a student band, each / r Photographer / in short his concept. You can buy together the two volumes – which is recommended not only because of the charming comparisons, but also saves a few euros – or each individually.

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