"The Heart Comes Last" By Margaret Atwood

It has done it again. This time, the Canadian Queen wisely conceived future scenarios has been thinking about possible ways out of the crash of the financial world and the economy, driven so many people into ruin and destroy jobs, homelessness and crime has driven up. How about, so when the gepurzelten down from the company acquiring another fellow even procured her mind game Employment and bread? Namely a rotating basis: until after a month roles and accommodation in rotation change this setup a While a half stuck as prisoners serving in itself labor camps, the other an idyllic life in the comfort of fluffy towels enjoys included.

“Win-win business entity” with jobs for all sets up the author in the near future in the US city of Consilience (about “consensus agreement”) and its twin city positron one.

Global funded think tanks have realized here the experimental “Positron project”, a privately operated artificial island of peace, closely monitored and insulated from the crisis-ridden, dilapidated, terrorized by gangs rest of the country.

The beauty of the model is that prospective customers are allowed to freely decide whether or not to participate. Is the golden cage of suburban paradise worth it to give up his freedom? And what is a profit-oriented company with a social experiment on?

Margaret Atwood, 78, with novels, short stories, poetry and nonfiction tremendously productive and with prices overwhelmed (2017 she was awarded the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade), established already with their debut album “the edible woman” (1969; “the edible woman”, 1985) extrapolate as a writer, the socially relevant problem areas of their time in a near future and these mind games compelling, multi-layer, can it tell charming and entertaining.

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The current labeling as “science fiction” author refused, however. Their designs are reality much closer than SF, it is why even the term “speculative fiction” preferred (and “social science fiction” can still just go through).

Your longest range achieved Atwood in 1985 with “The Handmaid’s Tale ” as usual Atwood builds on concrete present circumstances, leaving their dystopias seem so fascinating tangible. For example, it is already common in the United States to leave the operation of prisons enterprises and private insurance entire settlements. Also, what humiliations put up with desperate unemployed to bring themselves and your ends meet, we all know just how unreflective and leave carefree million people their most personal data private Firmenmolochen leisure. From these starting points, it is only a small step up to Consilience.

And of course Atwood is a master of storytelling. She sends a number of individuals in their scenario and observed as it were, as they find their way in it, tangled, adapt or put up a fight. Here welcome their guinea pigs Stan and Charmaine, he in quality assurance at Emo Robotics she Event Manager in a retirement home. But that’s on the first page past because since the young couple had already almost lost everything, work, shelter and perspectives, and has lived as a fugitive. Wherever they spend the night in their ancient Honda rust bucket, they must be aware of being attacked brutally by much deeper downed man. So far they have not given up on themselves and their hope for an upturn in the country. They would accept any job, if there were any because. To treat their laundry every now and then one turn at the laundromat, thereby retaining a residual of their dignity, they sell their blood.

In an earlier. During the boom of start-ups and app developers – trendy Bar looks Charmaine randomly a promotional film that opens the two views of a brave new world in Consilience. Pragmatic as they are, they hold only briefly occupied, they are committed to the innovative model of life in the regular starvation (that know her well enough) at least with as regular Wohlleben is repaid. The price they have not guessed.

First, they must leave a application process and mandatory introduction seminars endure. Dark-clad life-euphoric Moderators hyping the “Positron” participants with euphemism rhetoric, promising Motivierungstechniken and fine dose adjustment pressures. They are “true heroes … pioneers, pioneer … were beating a breach in the future … posterity will revere.” It must only “all work together,” then the “outrageous” experiment must succeed, then the model “at the highest level” is going to prevail and bring “salvation … for the entire nation”: “problems such as unemployment and crime would on one stroke solved “! Whoever wanted to run away? Simple, catchy, technocratic recipes are booming.

But it quickly gets the thing into difficulties, so many things running out of control. System error bring the musical chairs you rhythm mixed up, robots are people increasingly similar (and can be used as “coin slots” already passable sexual services play), monitoring of residents knows no taboos, people disappear, and perhaps even Charmaine in a euthanasia program involved. The radiant vision of the future turns out to be dull nightmare.

The bold model zeitigt on a private basis serious complications. The Consilience / positron system aims at isolating the individual. Both during the jail time and comfort during the month, the spouse must devote their different tasks and see each other hardly. Of the pair, it tells the alternately his house, one may not even know the name. But do small cracks on, Stan and Charmaine are separated, they meet with others. The absence of a spouse passes both longing for love and sex to the currently available people. Mistrust, jealousy, unknown sexual obsessions and guilt ensure oppressive tangles, but designed the author with a light hand.

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"The Heart Comes Last" By Margaret Atwood
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