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Margaret Atwood Poetry

You Begin
2 Headed Poems- duality of relationships especially mother and child

This is A Photograph of Me
Circle Games in 1964, 1st big collection about identity lost, death and love, male and female relationships

On the Streets, Love
Circle Games, Male and female relationships

At the Tourist Center in Boston
Animals in that Country- Celebrates the Natural World

The Gods Avoid Revealing Themselves
Animals in that Country-Celebrates the Natural World

Disembarking At Quebec
Susanna Moody Collection, transitioning from Scotland to Quebec, life was very different

Further Arrivals
The Journals of Susanna Moody

Death of A Young Son by Drowning
Second Journal of Susanna Moody, coming to the realization that this would be her home, more accepting

Tricks with Mirrors
You are Happy

Siren Song
You are Happy in 1964, 2 parts, songs of the transformed

A Paper Bag
Two-Headed Poems, desire for separation, alludes to Canada and the US, assimilating into society

The Woman Who Could not Live with Her Faulty Heart
Two Headed Poems

The Woman Makes Peace with Her Faulty Heart
Two Headed Poems- feminism and power in relationships, connection and separation

A Red Shirt
Two Headed Poems

True Stories- poetry itself, war and death

Mourning in the Burning House, a lot about loss due to the death of her father around the same time

Enough of These Discouragements
The Door 2009, author’s self awareness in a poem, death and war, personal loss, domestic relationships between lovers

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