Novel "The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd

Topics: Behavior

As people grow for the better, many defaults dragged along. The topic that follows everyone around was hatred. Hatred is well-known to be expressed as an opinion on any subject. These subjects can be specified to little things such as music, and various controversial topics like racism.

In the novel  The Secret Life of Bees  by Sue Monk Kidd, kicks off with the tragic story of Lily Owens mother. T.Ray, Lilys father, is known to be abusive. Sadly, after Lilys mother passed away she was left to be under the care of T.

Ray. Lilys housekeeper, Rosaleen, is known to be Lilys only motherly figure. Lily tags along to watch Rosaleen register to vote.  Lily and Rosaleen came about into Sylvan, which in Lilys perspective, it is the worst part of town.

As they were going along with their day, they end up passing a group of men who were playing cards. The Men decided to throw racist slurs at Rosaleen.

Rosaleen decided to pour the snuff she has spit out into a jar, onto their shoes out of pure rage. The Three Men were unhappy with this action. They soon decide to get physical. Rosaleens actions soon get her arrested and thrown in jail. The Three Card Dealers illustrate the theme of hate earning the ability to cause chaos within society through their very distasteful words.

Hate can form chaos in a society. In Lily and Rosaleens society, the three card dealers show an ideal example of a form of chaos by what they spit out at Rosaleen.

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When our two protagonists, Lily and Rosaleen, approached the Esso station they had noticed three men playing a game of cards. Around them, they observed that no car had stopped to get gas. Did you ever see one that black? said the dealer. And the man with his combed back hair said, No, and I aint seen one that big either. (Kidd 32).

Hatred can be invoked feelings of resentment. Two of the three men show hate through mocking and resenting Rosaleens skin color and weight. This soon leads to Rosaleen building hate into her system to the group of men. The hatred that the men had started led to chaos. The chaos was Rosaleens snuff being poured on the mens shoes. The snuff on their shoes was chaotic because Rosaleen being thrown into jail was very unpredictable, and so was her behavior. When the Three Men show hate towards Rosaleen, it caused chaos. Hate can be unbearable at times. It leads to unpredictable and chaotic behavior.

Chaos can be formed by hatred, this is proven from Rosaleens perspective. In both the protagonists’ situation, Rosaleens chaotic behavior was formed by the Three Card dealers hatred. When in the moment of heated anger, things can get in a jumble of unpredictable chaos. People can state things or do things that can get them in various ways of trouble in any society. This is because Rosaleen did not decide to think before taking action.

In todays society, hatred can be everywhere. There are various ways we can stop this behavior, so it does not lead to chaotic behavior. With todays view on the world, hatred can hurt us emotionally, and possibly physically. Hate can cause many chaotic feelings in one’s life, but we can overcome these negative courses by not resenting against ones beliefs, appearance, and views on one’s idea on anything in society.

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Novel "The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd
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