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In the novel “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd, the 14-year-old girl Lily Owens runs away from her abusive father to a bee farm in Tiburon, South Carolina. When Lily was four years old, her mother decided to escape from an unhappy marriage with T-Ray, Lily’s father. T-Ray refuses her mother to leave and in the chaos that erupts, Lily accidentally shoots her mother. Lily treasures the few belongings that she still has from her mother: a box with a pair of white silk gloves and a small picture with a black Mary and Tiburon, South Carolina engraved on the back.

T-Ray, her father, is a very stern and harsh man who does not care much for Lily. As punishment when she misbehaves, he makes her kneel on grits for an hour until her knees are swollen and red. Lily feels that she does not have a single parent figure that loves her and is in desperate search of a family that will take her in as their own child.

Lily believes that a child cannot be so unfortunate as not to have at least one of their parents love them. As Lily is a spitting image of her mother, Deborah, T-Ray feels anger and resentment every time he lays his eyes upon his daughter. Lily is constantly in search of a love from T-Ray, however when she realizes that they will never have a strong father-daughter connection, she decides that her only solution is to run away.

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With Rosaleen by her side, Lily decides that she will escape to Tiburon, South Carolina, hoping to find someone who will truly love her.

To Paint A Water Lily Thesis

When finally arriving in Tiburon, Lily sees the picture of a black Mary like the one that was on the picture left from her mother on a honey jar. She is told that the woman who produces this honey is called August Boatwright and lives right up the street in a Caribbean pink house on a large honey farm. A large, black and openhearted woman opens the door for Rosaleen and Lily and allows them to stay in her honey house. She introduces herself as August Boatwright and tells t…

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Lily Secret Life Of Bees
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