The Fulfillment Is Rain By Giorgia Lepore Review

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Apulian merchants robbed in 1087 in Asia Minor, the remains of St. Nicholas and brought them to Bari, where it lacked just painfully befitting relics. Once you set up the economically most welcome newcomer a gleaming white Basilica innovative style that was to become a popular destination for Christian and Orthodox pilgrims.

On the evening of December 6, St. Nicholas’ death, is the annual all. city ​​on the move and push itself into the narrow old town where the great church acts as constrained.

Only the square in front of its main entrance leaves room. You buy at the stands scagliozzi , fried polenta Three corner, trick or drinks before or after visiting the exhibition in honor of the saint.

Just shocked that night a terrible crime the carefree mood. In one of the many Basso -Apartments the dark streets, a young woman killed. Caterina Camarda ( “Ketty”), 24, lived alone with their children Jennifer (5) and Kevin (some younger). Their father was often there when its activities are not dragged in prostitution milieu him elsewhere.

Then Pasquale Milanese, liked to look past a man from a good family, was pregnant by the Ketty, but which is otherwise firmly engaged. Already in this closest environment we foresee sufficient motives for the murder of fun-loving Ketty, and in the wider circles of the two families we will discover quite a few others.

In fact, all the evidence that Ketty speak repeatedly murdered has been. Shortly after a consensual sex, she was brutally beaten, tortured with a knife, the fingerprints are from several people, including a minor, female, and all smeared bloodstains lead to the conclusion that the body of the victim and the apartment were cleaned in between volatile.

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A chaotic scene so confusing and Supervisory Board, also due to the festival, and an unusual eyewitness Jennifer had been hiding with her brother during the murder happening in a chest and is adamant that her father Nicola Laforgia have her mother stabbed to death.

In this Wust has the Squadra Mobile creating clarity, and which is itself a complicated force. It is headed by vicequestore Alfredo Marinetti, a father committed to team spirit and interested in smooth closure of the case, and the two ispettori Sara Coen and Gregorio Esposito ( “Gerri”). An arrogant creep of Milan freshly assigned occurs PM Giancarlo Anteri to introduce here in the supposedly dilapidated Apulia discipline and order. Gerri, 33, is the protagonist and the most interesting, most complex, most convincing Noir -character that happened to me lately. It is exciting beautiful and not unsympathetic, but quite difficult. He grew up in a Neapolitan Roma neighborhood on until it was his mother standing in the rain one day, then it attracted two capable workers at a Catholic orphanage in size. Three different caregivers he hangs to this day, as not release him, the trauma of his childhood. Nowhere is the restless spirit roots strike or find a purpose in life. Maybe that’s why he fixed all his considerations in sprawling structure diagrams, to oppose the chaos of (and his) life order.

The fact that he likes to takes over the holiday shifts for all the others, gives him a certain popularity in the team who but he ruined by Brüskheit, arrogance and unpredictability again. he has enough relationships with women – (present only in idealized memories) from the minors Lavinia to Claudia (explosive, because Marinetti’s wife) and smashed over the Nigerian prostitutes Milly (the partner for all cases) to colleague Sara (the daily poisoning , restart not entirely excluded). This man is full of contradictions, uncertainties and dark secrets deserve our appreciation for his professionalism, excites our pity for his undeserved social conflicts and, above all, he surprises us again and again. His inscrutability holds enough potential for further episodes (because this is already the third crime of the series).

Despite the recalcitrance Gerri natural interpersonal perception royal honors. Other people’s suffering will trigger physical pain on himself. His empathy gives him a spontaneous access to the small Jennifer. Which in turn is a remarkable personality: intelligent, inquisitive, by rapid considers this taciturn, suspicious and hard-nosed. Only Gerri she gives her trust, all others can be the Lightning or lead them by the nose. In return, he gives her a momentous promise that the Dürrenmatt quotation refers, which is preceded by the novel “C’è da augurarsi che lei non faccia mai una promessa che Debba mantenere” (from “The Promise”) .

All of this comes from the pen of the Apulian archaeologist, art historian and -Teacher Giorgia Lepore (who lives in Martina Franca). She tells essentially linear, structured according to calendar days, mainly from Gerris sight, but streiflichternd in the inner workings of the other investigators and (considerably) from perpetrators perspective. It gives the reader the darkest and coldest side of Baris old town, the lively atmosphere during the festive period, the associated customs in families and a few snippets dialect. The icy days between San Nicola and 7 January perish from the Commissariat with interrogations and confrontations on how to proceed, where Gerri is forced for various reasons often marginalized. Plenty of room receive communicative cliffs and psychological depths, obsessions, escapes – remain completely hidden direct violence. The strange title is an Arabic proverb basis. “Le nuvole sono una promessa L’adempimento è la pioggia..”

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