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The Art Of Racing In The Rain Essay Paper

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The ART OF THE RACING IN THE RAIN by Garth Stein, Published May 8, 2008. It’s a novel; this title of the story is about a dog who believes that you come back into life as a man. He the narrator of the story. Also, the titlemeans courage, patience, mind, body, and how when you drive on a track you keep going in the rain and the sky keeps moving forward and believingthat you aren’t yourself. You are everything. Let’s see what this book all about and the meaning?

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This book THE ART OF THE RACING IN THE RAIN, main purpose is you aren’t feeling who you are on the outside but knows how you feel in the inside. There’s this small family who lives in Seattle in an Apartment on Lake Washington. The dog name is Enzo, who is an older dog who is ill. His owner name is Denny, Enzo and Denny are buddies and Enzo goes to work with Denny. Dennyhas a wife and kid, the family is a loveable and happy and,also very close. The wife name is Eve and the daughter name is Zoe. Enzo can read things like a human and is very close with his family and also has a good understanding in human mind. Denny works at a shop and he races race cars he and Enzo are very competive. His wife Eve is a stay home mom. One day she didn’t feel right so she went to the hospital. Denny was out of town racing and working. When he got back from his trip, he found out Eve had an illness, it grew more and more. Suddenly they found out it was a brain tumor. Zoe had no idea what’s going on. Enzo really stayed back and protect Zoe and the family. Eve came back out of the hospital and stayed with her parents. Sooner or later Eve parents took Zoe for a while because Denny worked and travel a lot. They thought it was better for her. Sooner or later Eve past away, and her parents put custied on Zoe for not living with her father. Also Denny knew this one girl who was young and she put him on a strain order because he didn’t do what she wanted which would be very wrong. so…

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The Art Of Racing In The Rain Essay

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