The Film Analysis “Into The Wild”

The film “Into the wild” is a based on a book written by Jon Krakauer about the life of Christopher McCandless and his voyage to Alaska. It describes the bond between a human being and nature. There are seven main characters in this film namely Christopher McCandless, Jon Krakaue, Ronald A.Franz, Samuel Walter, Carine McCandless, Billie McCandless and Jan Burres. This film is mainly based on nature, happiness, human emotions, isolation and freedom.

The director of the film has used enthralling and fascinating film technique to convey the message of the story.

The main themes of this film are self- independence, attraction towards nature, freedom and man vs wild. Into the wild is an inspiring film which gives a wonderful moral about the importance of family relations because the last scene of movie is trying to convey that happiness is only real when it is shared with your family otherwise a person die with a regret of not spending time with family.

This essay will examine the main idea, film terminology and ideology of this film in an ensuing paragraph.

To being with, happiness is not just found by isolation. McCandless and krakauer had an almost same passion for the nature. Krakauer was passionate about mountain climbing and McCandless was passionate about wilderness but both of them were under the authority of their fathers which cause a gap between fathers and thus ultimately it leads to isolation. However, with the passing of time krakauer forgave his father but McCandless died without forgiving his father and it is clearly showed in the last scene that he was regretting for not being with his family.

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The sequence of the last scene zooms out face by using extreme close up. There is a close up rotation on the face of McCandless and his parents. There is also usage of diegetic sound during this sequence.

Furthermore, the other main idea of the movie which has been also given more attention is about man vs wild. McCandless left his family to live with nature because he believes in anti-materialism. Moreover, he encountered floods and storms during his Alaskan odyssey. He hunted the animals without having license of it in order to satisfy his hunger. He even survived in extreme weather and even in harsh winter. He believed happiness is without family and money. For him, isolation was happiness until he realised the true happiness lies in sharing when he was on the bed of his death. While he was walking in the woods, Chris found something to eat but he was unaware about what he ate was a poisonous species which is fatal for human beings. He realised that the poisonous plant of species he ate can cause paralyze and starvation but still he manages to survive for few days and he wrote his last words of his experience with nature in the book. However, at last the nature won the fight. He was not able to survive and he died.

Agglomerating all the points discussed above finally it can be concluded that the film “Into the wild” is a search for the true happiness. The soundtracks used in this film are mysterious and has gloomy background. The director has used the time lapse videography to make it more effective and real. The ideology of this film is importance of forgiveness because when the Chris was on his bed of death, he was thinking that what if he were smiling and running into the arms of his parents and would they see what he was seeing (words of Chris). Therefore one can only love a person when he forgives and the lights of love shines again.

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The Film Analysis “Into The Wild”
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