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Are life stories less about the protagonist and more about those who are influenced by the protagonist? Into the wild is a 2007 autobiography filmed about the life of Chris McCandless. It represents the above question perfectly. Because it shows how life stories are about both, the protagonist and those who are influenced by him. The movie establishes those features through out various film techniques that influence the audiences’ mindset. The none linear and Omniscient narrator techniques in this movie confuse the viewers whether this movie was about Chris McCandless journey, or about the others influenced by his journey.

And the flashback in the last scene of the movie clouds the audience about whether Chris would change the way his journey turned out, if he had known the ending of it. None-linear film technique is a technique where events of the film are portrayed, where the order of the scenes in the film are out of chronological order (Wikipedia, 2014). In Into The Wild the None-linear film technique that Sean Penn has used this to influence how the other characters judgment about Chris

It made the movie as a puzzle towards Chris’s life, to show us how others felt about him.

It was also used to change the level of sympathy that the audience would have to the characters influenced by Chris rather than this film being in a chronological order. For example at the opening scene we see Chris’s mum waking from hearing Chris’s voice inside her head “ I heard him, I heard him I wasn’t imagining it.

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” When this happens we don’t feel sympathy for her, but as the movie progresses we understand why she was feeling happy to hear his voice inside her head, the none-linear structure impacts the way we sympathize for her. In the none-linear technique we barely feel any sympathy for her because we don’t understand what’s happening, but if this were to be in a chronological order than we would feel her grief and our level of sym…

Movie Summary – Into the Wild Movie Summary – Into the Wild Movie Summary – Into the Wild

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