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Gucci is an Italian store while H&M is a Swedish store. These are two brands from different worlds. People consider the first one as a luxury tool that can help you achieve a certain social status while H&M is seen as a more generic and affordable store. Alessandro Michele the designer for Gucci gets all the credit for being responsible for the collections and the brand image since 2015 (Bain, 2018). He was selected by showing a mood board about his liking and impressions of what Gucci means to him.

After him being elected it took a different turn since the last designer from being overall classy to nerdy, artsy, and just plain unique. H&M has more than one designer since they work as a team, but they also do collaborations. The only way a name is seen in the stores or online is if it belongs to a collaboration. This is an essential part of its identity and they ultimately take pride in it.

The designer store “offers discounts and sales for the promotion of their brand and products which increases customer demand” (Haseeb, 2016). A group of employees works together to come out with offerings way ahead of their time in this industry and there is the use of a selective targeting strategy. H&M has as their main marketing strategy sustainability. They are also really big on having an online performance where they use “demographics and psychographics segmentation” (Simconblog, 2015). One of the many things the consumers appreciate is the positive image projected by the models in a healthy manner.

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Gucci is known to have a target audience of middle and high-class consumers between the ages of 20-50 (Consumer Targeting, n.d.). H&M is more focused on younger people that tend to be fashionable.

A see going to stores as a daily and social activity where you can follow the trends without much commitment. Gucci is considered the world’s most sustainable fashion corporation. They have an environmental plan that includes: the saving of energy in distribution and transportation, and the use of packaging materials from a certified sustainable managed forest. The more generic brand had an eco-friendly conscious collection where they wanted to make consumers aware of ways to have a conscious mind. Most of their clothes are made from 50% sustainable like recycled polyester and organic cotton (Contributor, 2017). Also, they are a member of the Better Cotton Initiative and a funding member of SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition) an affiliation between members of fashion industries where they are looking for a way not to harm the environment (H&M Group, ‘Stakeholder engagement’). Its priority along with its goal is to have a positive influence on the people and communities. In conclusion, they have different ways of working which don’t mean one is better than the other one as they don’t share the same price range. Making Gucci better for the public as it is luxurious, but they found H&M good and more affordable.

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