The Factors That Make Dance a Sport

I believe dance is a sports The definition of a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment (Oxford Dictionary 2016). Dance meets all of these criteria, It is physically demanding, competitive and it requires a high degree of skill and coordination. Specifically, it combines multiple forms of exercise, It contains a competitive element; dancers compete in a very similar style to figure skating or rhythmic gymnastics. Finally dance a sport because of the skill and training required by the athlete Dance is a sport because of its physical difficulty as it combines many forms of exercises Dance combines things such gymnastics, cardio, extreme flexibility and muscular strengtht These components of physical fitness and more are needed to perform the basic movements in dance such as grande jetes, defined as a basic split preformed mid way through a leap.

Just by doing this very basic movement a dancer must possess the flexibility, leg strength and a good core to keep their balance In order to attain this level of physical fitness, dancers train several times a week, These training sessions or classes include cardio, flexibility training, toning and finally the practice of choreographed dance routines.

These sessions are similar to other sports routines where athletes will warm-up and tone their body’s to prepare for the particular actions necessary to practice the set sport. Aside from the physical aspect of dance that makes it a sport dance also contains the competitive element required for any activity to be considered a sport.

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Dance competitions are common all around the world, Dance schools enter into competitions, and then individual groups or soloists compete against each other in categories arranged by age, number of people in the group and style of dancer Dancers perform the dance and are scored based on several factors such as the technical difficulty, execution and form of the dance.

When performing, dancers must have flawless form to avoid a deduction in points; a practice very similar to the Olympic sport of figure skating. Aside from technical scores, dancers are also scored based on their memorization of a dance, synchronicity of movements and their level of confidence, If a dance group appears to lack confidence or coordination, points may be deducted. Finally dance is a sport because of the skill and training required by the athlete Dancers must have flawless form and a skill that can only be accomplished by years of dance training just as it would be with any other sport During this time dancers learn and practice movements that will be necessary to perform the dance properly, The difficulty of the movements dancers learn is dependent on their age level and skillt Dancers must train nearly every part of their body so that their form is flawless; this is because even the smallest flaw in a dance such as an un pointed or flexed foot can be cause for point deductionst.

Many critics of the sport say that dance is an easy activity that requires low levels of skill; however dancers who can transform movements as simple as a single pirouette into a quadruple pencil leg hold turn can attest to its high level of difficulty and skill. In conclusion, dance meets all of the proper criteria to be considered a sport. Specifically it is physically demanding, competitive and it requires a high degree of skill and coordination It combines multiple forms of exercise that contain a competitive element. Dancers compete in a similar style to figure skating or rhythmic gymnastics, Finally dance a sport because of the skill and training required by the athlete. Because of these reasons, I believe that dance is a sport.

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