Costa Rican Dance

In Costa Rica, dance is a very popular past time Costa Ricans find themselves doing throughout the year. The dances and type of music performed depends on the many cities you’ll find yourself in. Each region has its own popular dance; from traditional folk dance to current American influenced dances like pop and disco music. In the city of Guanacaste, it is found that traditional folk dancing is more popular.

Traditional folk dancing is a type of dance in which is a heel and toe stomping dance for couples.

The people love dancing and dressing up. The women wear colorful wide skirts with ruffled shirts while men usually wear white button shirts and black pants. Old traditional songs like “De la cana se hace el guaro”, “Amor de Temporada” “Luna Liberiana” and “Patriotica Costarricense” are very popular. The sparkling Punto Guanacaste is the most popular of regional dances. These dances are performed throughout the year at local festivals.

In the month of March for a couple of weeks, the people of San Jose, Costa Rica gather together at a grand festival known as the International Arts Festival .

During this time many different types of dances are performed to the people. Dances such folk dancing and art shows are explored by the people of San Jose and the many tourist from around the world that come together to enjoy the festival. The city of San Jose is also known for its variety of dances and music individuals from all ages and classes can choose from.

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Costa Rica Traditional Dance

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