The Effects of Domestic Violence in the Family

“I got flowers today. It wasn’t my birthday or any other special day…” Does this sound familiar? It’s a poem dedicated to help hurt and abused women. This poem talks about a woman who was being abused by her lover and eventually died in the process. For every 15 seconds there is a woman beaten in the United States. For every hour, as many as 115 children are abused. We cannot tolerate this, as I speak in front of you today, I will give you the reasons why we shouldn’t tolerate domestic violence and advocate for a peaceful and safe environment to live in.

Violence can affect a peaceful home. It affect’s a healthy homes p; state of mind and well-being, in other words its normal function. How many of you had seen heard of or even experience abuse or violence? How many of you have seen a woman battered? How many years do we have to wait until violence is fully removed from our society?

How many miserable lives do you want to see because of this? How many crying children must experience violence at a young age? How many innocent lives would suffer because of something unnecessary? How would you feel if you were to wake up in the middle of the night finding your parents fighting right in front of your very eyes? As I said earlier violence could threat and affect a peaceful home, it nurtures fear and hatred.

It stops normal functions and affect the future of the society.

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Because of violence, children are forced to endure and cope with mental, physical and emotional trauma leading to a display of aggressive nature and drive them with fear. According to, a site filled with lots of statistics and facts about Domestic Violence, 90% of children from violent homes witness their fathers beating their mothers, in that same category, 63% of all boys age 11-20 commit murder and kill the man who abuses their mother. Besides children, majority of the time women are battered or beaten. In, the site dedicated to help prevent domestic abuse especially in women, it states that 4 million women seek medical attention each year and out of 4 million, only 4,000 women die each year.

Why do women tolerate partners who batter them? Why do they let them terrorize them? It is simple, some battered women stay because their partners, usually possessive, hold them captive in their homes, some battered women stay because of their children, and they cannot tolerate having to see their children suffer without a complete family. Some battered women stay because they still love their partners. Some battered women stay because they are being threatened, they are d that no one would believe them, and because they do not have the money to press charges. Justice is blind, for years women had been discriminated for their rights. Approximately 3.3 million children had witnessed their mothers beaten by their father. We cannot tolerate this. Women are our proud bearers of our future nation; they had been there to protect us since we are young, and without them, there is no one to help around the house, feed their young and prepare a warm dinner for their husbands. In conclusion, domestic violence affect a peaceful home, it affects the child and future society’s well-being, it is unfair to women who had been there to protect their young and serve their hardworking husbands. We did not do anything wrong, so why must we experience this? I encourage the advocacy to prevent domestic violence.


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