The Early Manifestations of Alzheimers Disease

Alzheimer is a serious health condition, which is common in old age. The influence of the disease varies from one individual to another in creating a greater focus on the existing issues within healthcare. The elderly need to be effectively engaged in order to keep the effects of Alzheimer disease at bay. The article provides clear understanding on some of cases in which individuals who have had Alzheimer experiences. The manifestation of the this condition is gradual and it may appear as normal during the early times since it is usually more comparable to normal forgetfulness that individuals tend to have but as it develops it continues to have detrimental impact to an individual.

It is very difficult to have any positive social interaction with an individual suffering from Alzheimer since they even forget the basic activities such as taking medications. The different cases that have been highlighted in this article provide a clear understanding about the existing issues associated with Alzheimer disease.

There is need to manage the wellbeing of individuals suffering from Alzheimer. The majority of these individual are senior citizens who have many issues where it is difficult for their hosts to ensure that they are positively engaged. The nursing homes have been developed to provide specialized care to older adults suffering from this condition.

Alzheimer is a cognitive dysfunction is also known as brain fog which is the loss of cognitive reasoning abilities which make it very difficult for an individual to carry out his or her day to day activities since they can barely make a correct decision in relation to the context being considered.

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Patients having cognitive dysfunction have huge significant challenges in verbal recall, basic arithmetic and concentration. Microbes usually cause cognitive dysfunction. The complications in the brain thus have significant impact thus influencing some of key muscle and nerves, which bring about this effect in patients who are having motor dysfunction. Therefore, in this case an individual lacks the ability to communicate with the required speed since there are significant differences in the way that they interact with others.

This article provides a better focus and understanding linked to my clinical experience when I visited Dorothy’s place, which is highly engaged, and focus on improving the wellbeing of Alzheimer patients. The focus on this condition is important considering that almost everyone usually at some point develops memory loss, which is a crucial aspect, which requires critical engagement in creating a better-enabled health environment of an individual who has this condition. Memory loss can be explicitly compared with blindness where an individual leaves in some kind of darkness and unable to fathom anything that is happening beyond the darkness that covers their eyes. Memory loss or loss of consciousness is not something that an individual might likely want to associate himself or herself with but it does happen and it is very difficult to understand these developments. Some individuals are born with some kind of memory disorder where they keep on forgetting things however forgetting things is nothing compared to memory loss. Individuals that are suffering from memory loss need to be told new things over and over again even the test of food or what they are generally engaged in since there most automatic answer is no since they cannot relate with anything at.

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