The Different Levels of Maturity In Shawn Mendes’ Song

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The piece “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes is definitely an amazing song. The reasoning for this piece which is anxiety and being afraid is such a hard topic to talk about and accept, but is so important to everybody. The creation behind it shocks you because you don’t think an influencer like Shawn Mendes can feel that way and yet alone gather their thoughts and write it into a song that relates to everybody in the world. At some point in people’s lives they have wanted to give up and they choose to or not, but no matter their decision they keep on going; you can always second doubt yourself but “In My Blood” is such an inspirational song to push yourself through life and to not give up.

“In My Blood” is an extremely different song compared to every song on the radio because it’s based off of real topics and emotions.

Many people around the U.

S. that listen to pop music know that mostly all the music in that genre is up-lifting, danceable, and fun to listen to; but is it really? Shawn Mendes is a composer who started out at the young age of fifteen, just like many other young composers he faced many struggles and “haters” that made him think about giving up and not following his dreams in the music industry. Shawn Mendes is thankful for his family who keeps on pushing him to fulfill his dreams to the fullest no matter the obstacles he faces.

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He influences many people around the world with one of his best-selling songs “In My Blood”: a song that defies the status-quo of pop music.

Why is This Song So Different to his Genre?

The genre that Shawn Mendes falls under in music is the category Pop music. However, this specific song (“In My Blood”) is considered pop-rock due to the way he emphasizes the instruments that are being played in this song. His song changes the game of what we expect to hear from this genre. Pop music makes you feel good and happy about life, people usually listen to pop music to dance and have a good time because the beats that are used in this genre have a nice groove to it and are just simply incredible. On the other hand, the song “In My Blood” is depressing and helps you realize the unwanted.

Behind the Scenes in the Making of the Song

We all face challenges at some point in our lives, even famous composers that we think don’t struggle like all of us other people in the world. The song “In My Blood” is a song that Shawn Mendes wrote while he was suffering from anxiety, mental health problems, and being alone which scared him and caused him to feel depressed. When his anxiety was at its highest he felt as if his anxiety was just devouring him alive and started to feel empty inside. Another thing that was bothering him at that time was the thought of being alone because he struggled to find someone who loved him for him and not his name. He went to therapy, listened to music, talked to his family, and climbed mountains, but what helped him the most was writing. He walked into the studio the next day and wrote the song “In my Blood”, which he states in an interview “it’s the closest song to my heart that I have ever written”. When he was writing this song the main message he wanted his fans to hear was that giving up is something he didn’t do when he was at his lowest, and that they shouldn’t do either.

How the Do the Vocals Effect the Song?

When you listen to a song on the radio the way the artist sings the song influences the emotion in it, in “In My Blood” Shawn Mendes does just that. In this song Shawn Mendes sings from ranges A2 to C5 throughout it. In the beginning of the song when he’s says the first couple verses he sings them breathy as if he feels overwhelmed. As we go into the chorus his voice grows louder and during the chorus he ends the word “blood” with a slight voice crack. Once we come upon the chorus again in the back ground there is a choir singing “ooooooo” louder than the previous times which gives you the sense of empowerment and getting your strength back.

How Do the Instruments Used Influence the Way You Hear this Song?

When you first hear Shawn Mendes’ song In My Blood you think to yourself “man there’s so many instruments being used”, that’s because it sounds like there is ten or so. However, in his song there is only three different instruments being used: a piano which falls under the keyboard family, an electric guitar which falls under strings, and the drums which falls under percussion! It sounds as if there’s so many instruments being used at once because in the song they layer the instruments which means, different instruments are being played at the same time.

In the very beginning of the song Shawn Mendes plays just the piano, when the piano is being played its played slowly which gives the sense of confusion. After that when he describes how he feels the piano is being played the same way as the beginning, except a steady drum is added which gives the sense of realization. Once the chorus hits, the electric guitar and drums are being played at the same time, but in the chorus the drums are being played more aggressive to emphasize the feeling of being satisfied. After the chorus the piano and the drums are being played, except as the song progresses the drums get faster which gives me the feeling of acceptance. When the chorus hits again all three instruments are being played at the same time, all having a steady beat, but when you listen to it the drums beat is being emphasized which really gives you the sense of victory and taking control over everything! At the end of the song the song goes back to how it’s started, with just the piano playing in a steady beat to emphasize the end of the journey and moving on with his life.

One things that is unique in this song is throughout the whole song when the piano is being played the notes that are being played stay the same. The instruments used definitely change the way you hear the song because when the sudden emphasis’ of the instruments hit it exaggerates the emotion he’s trying to display in the song.

Effect on Upcoming Composers

Shawn Mendes entered the music industry at a young age he got a lot of hate and faced many challenges from school to his personal life. Many composers that are trying to get recognize face problems and new challenges every day, at some point they might have the thought of giving up on their dreams. The song “In My Blood” urges future composers that they should not give up because if he could do it so can they no matter the circumstances that they face. Dreams are what you see yourself doing for the rest of your life and when you give that up you lose yourself.

Why Should You Care?

Mental health, anxiety, and depression are all real diseases that affect others and many artists don’t shine light on it, let alone write a song that pertains to it. Everybody around the world struggles with these diseases and were so scared to admit it so we hide it and lock it up in a safe in the back of our brains. It’s such a real and harsh topic to talk about so everyone just shuts it down, but once everyone starts to know about it you can start to feel vulnerable at times. The lines “laying on the bathroom floor feeling nothing I’m overwhelmed and insecure “from the song “In My Blood “by Shawn Mendes states how he felt and how others could possibly be feeling when they are in those dark times. The lines “sometimes I feel like giving up, but I just can’t it isn’t in my blood” states how people want to give up but don’t because they start to realize it’s not like them to do so and because they know that they are stronger than that.

How Does This Song Influence Your Understanding of Music?

A lot of music on the radio today is about having a lot of money, lovers, cars, drugs, parties, etc. but music doesn’t have to be just that its can be emotional, real, sentimental, impactful, and inspirational, which is exactly what’s in Shawn Mendes’ song “In My Blood”. Shawn Mendes gathered all his emotions and wrote it on a piece of paper and made a song out of it, for example a line from his song “laying on the bathroom floor feeling nothing”. This song is filled with every element of emotion and experience.

All in all music is evolving once again and once Shawn Mendes wrote “In My Blood’ he set the bar high. Artist now have to find a way to connect with their audiences/fans the way Shawn Mendes did. “In My Blood” is an emotional piece made with much excellence and consideration, I have yet to see anything like it. The future is bright, when life gets too bad and you feel like giving up, pop on some headphones and listen to “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes and rephrase the lines “sometimes I feel like giving up, but I just can’t it isn’t in my blood”.


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