The On Maturity Jems Essay

The following sample essay on The On Maturity Jems ollte1999 To kill a mockingbird. in To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem has significantly grown from the childish, playful boy that he was from the beginning of the novel to a more calm, composed, and a mature figure resembling that of his father, Atticus. Harper Lee has incorporated the theme of Maturity into the novel through the development of Jem. Jem is shown in the beginning of the novel to be a boisterous child whose concept of bravery was through the acceptance of dares.

Scout earlier on in the novel states “Jem never declined a dare in his life”. This depicts Jems immaturity through he has to do dares to seem brave to his peers furthermore his lack of knowledge about the current standings in which America are towards racial inequality or shown here and more so throughout the novel. Jem becomes more mature as the novel progresses. This is influenced by his father, Atticus Finch’s, actions in the trial of Tom Robinson.

A completely unfair Jury that decides to convict Tom of raping a white woman changes Jem’s view on life and how ridiculous it was that black people were discriminated against because of the color of their skin. Another way of showing that he has matured is his actions towards Arthur (boo) Radley. Boo Radley is a man who got into some mischief when he was a teenager and his father, therefore, sentenced him to a lifetime of imprisonment in his own home.

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Many rumors are spread about Arthur because no one has seen him for years. These rumors portray an image to Jem and Scout that he is mysterious and eccentric who will kill you if you saw him. During the summer, Jem, Scout, and Dill would dare each other to go and touch the Radley house or see who could get a glimpse of Arthur. However when they finally find out that he is a kind but simple human being Jem takes and step back to think about how all these rumors about Boo are wrong and how he has been discriminated against Just like the black people were.

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