The Degradation and Humiliation of Native Americans in Sports Fandom

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The Native Americans that once owned the land that we now call the United States of America have become a rare and nearly extinct group. Tribes are close to nonexistent and reservations are scarce Not only did the early colonists run the Native Americans ottt of their land as well as massacre them but as time went on, started using their names and traditions and attire as part of sports events, as mascots for schools and for sports teams It is degrading and offensive to all those of the Native American culture.

I would have been in full support of Charlene and her actions against UC. I believe that if Charlene had come in as a student, she would have felt the way her kids felt when they saw the “Chief” do his “dance” at the halftime show of a game. Ashamed, ridiculed. I believe that seeing her children feel that way towards what they were seeing made her rage kick in and gather up the guts to go against the school and basically the entire town for what she believed was right.

I felt that the way the townspeople and the administration were talking about Charlene’s protest was even more demeaning and dehumanizing. They did not even try to think of how it would affect the people that they are “honoring”. The Chief is honored and respected and the dance is sacred. For it to become a halftime show and a tradition for those not of that culture? It is just plain wrong.

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For example, I would not enjoy seeing an honorable dance from country become a half—time show phenomenon. It would make me start a protest as well. Americans are using aspects of a culture that is not only, not theirs bttt sacred to another culture It is insulting and should not be taken lightly, To this day there are still sports teams named after Native American tribes and there are still Native American activists protesting against the use of these names and mascots and traditions, When will the ridicule and stereotyping end?

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