The Definition of Companionate and Passionate Love in Relationships

The definition of love is a very subjective and personal thing for each individuali Many people live their lives in the hope of connecting with other people whose definitions line up with their own, as we all have different values and expectations However, it is indisputable that all love falls into one of two categories. The first is passionate love, the type that is romanticized from the time we are young Passionate love, or romantic love, is “a state of extreme absorption with and desire for another.

” (Crooks 8t Baur, 1990). Companionate love, on the other hand, is “characterized by friendly affection and a deep attachment that is based on extensive familiarity with the loved one.” (Crooks 8t Baur, 1990). While the two are very different, they are both valuable, and there are many subcategories within each of them. For example, love between a parent and child falls under the category of companionate love, but in many cases, it is the deepest relationship in a person’s life It is foundational for the child, and an entirely new experience for the parent.

The child’s ideas of love will be impacted by their early interactions for the rest of their lifetime, and the parent will often make missteps and feel guilt due to the overwhelming responsibility that has been placed on their shoulders. However, if the relationship is genuine and strong, it is likely that the child will form strong relationships throughout their life, and the parent will continue to have a connection with their child In the case of passionate love, a couple that has just started dating is most likely in the infatuation stage, and both parties have two-dimensional ideas of one another that may or may not be accurate first impressions, A couple that has endured years together has ideally established an intense bond, and they each have much more insight into one another’s complexities, They have a solid knowledge of their alignments and their disagreements, and they have developed as people in the time that they’ve been together, Individuals that are in a long- term relationship that are not yet married can have a divine and fulfilling love for one another, but they are likely still finding their comfort level with one another.

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Love between a married couple is living as a united front, while also supporting one another through change and hardships, and celebrating one another’s victories, Whether or not it is stronger than love between those in a long-term relationship goes case by case. The differences between love in a heterosexual relationship and love in a homosexual relationship also go case by case, as many of the common differences are caused by societal expectations. Love between a man and a woman has a specific protocol that everyone expects to see in action, while the details of same-sex relationships are still, sadly, a taboo. Representation of both healthy and unhealthy same»sex relationships in media is very scarce, and when they are represented, it is typically very surface level, In reality, a same»sex relationship involves the vast majority of the same joys, hardships, and compromises that a heterosexual relationship entails.

Same-sex relationships involve the complication of having no set societal roles, but this can also be a strength in a same»sex relationship, because the relationship can be founded on its individuality and the mutual respect between both partners Regardless of sexual orientation, the coexistence of sex and love in a relationship is a fascinating balancing act. The priority varies from person to person, and it can often shift in the same person, It is important to be aware of personal expectations when entering a relationship, because people often do not realize that when they build the foundation for a relationship upon sex, it is because they crave the intimacy that comes with love The reverse can also take place, where people believe that they are looking for love, and their intentions are actually lustful.

The aforementioned case is common in teenage love, as adolescence often marks the beginning of sexual awakening. However, this is another varying case, as teenage love can be much more intense and real than observers may realize. First love as a teenager is often a defining factor in what makes a person aware of what they are capable of, and what they are looking fort Adult love involves many of the same trials and emotions, and whether or not it is a more mature love depends on the person, Love is acceptance, respect, and willingness to let go of expectations It is knowing that the person can and will change at any time and embracing the change. It is knowing one another‘s needs, and ensuring that those needs are met.

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