Responsibility in Fences and All My Sons

Responsibility is the key to success in ntany families all throughout the world. Within August Wilson’s Feltrex and Arthur Miller’s All My Sons. Troy and Joe‘s commitment to responsibility inside of their family is demonstrated by their hard work in fulfilling necessary fatherhood duties as well as by their constant providing for their family: the strain for the perfection of these two goals has caused the fathers to each “crack” in their own ways. severely injuring the structure of their families.

Joe and Troy’s persistent struggles indicate their diligence to execute necessary duties as fathers. In All My Smirt Miller explores the impoltance of responsibility as a father through the idea of familial sacrifices Keller expresses his frustration and realizes“what the hell did I work for? That’s only for you. Chris the whole shootin’—match is for you!”. Keller gets angry with his son for ignoring all of his hard work to create a business for him and future generations.

and just wanting to tun away with Anne.

He is trying to provide fatherly assistance to Chris‘s life by working hard on creating a successful business and then handing it down to him. Joe represents family responsibility through this selfless act of hard work for the greater good of the family On the other hand. Troy takes a different approach of fulfilling duties and declares that the only reason he is acting fatherly is because“lt’s my job. It’s my responsibility! You understand that? A man got to take care of his family”.

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Troy does not care for Cory and provide for him because he wants to or likes him as was demonstrated in All My Sans. However, Troy realizes that he must because they are his “flesh and blood” . Similarly after Alberta died after child [abort Troy also realizes that Raynell is his blood to and that she has now been added to the list of necessary familial duties: Troy “can’t deny her no more than I can deny them boys”.

Not only does the hard work of these two fathers prove their dedication to their families, but they also represent their commitment through their constant provisions. In both of these plays, the fathers display their duties to their family by their constant providing and supplying of needs. Joe Keller provides for his family through the intake of money from his business. even though “I could live myself. but I got a family now sol nothin’s bigger than that [family]”, Joe is constantly eunfirmmg that his pl’lulitics are straight and to be absolutely sure that all of his actions reflect the best interest of all the Kcllcrs. To Joe. it is not important to what extent he must go to in tuder to provide, because he is constantly making the argument (as well as actually prtwidingt that family is alum-t first. According to Jue‘s mind, selling Crnckctl zltlltypicccs in older to save the euntpany and therefore Chris and future grandchildren is the right thing to do, bccnusc they are family. whereas directly endangering une’s family by risking his shop being shut down would he wrung because it does nut benefit the grant of the family.

Troy is also well knowtt for providing rather well for his family; he is logical and realizes that “while you thinking about a TV, I got to be thinking about the roof”. Troy persistently supplies the basic needs of his family despite the tough circumstances of his color and low-wage job. He understands that basic necessities such as food. shelter, and clothing for living are more important for the greater good of the family over entertainment, such as the TV that Cory was desperately wanted. By consistently supplying what is needed for the survival of the entire family, Joe and Troy’s own personal wants and desires have possibly been neglected. therefore explaining their “personal downfall” caused by greedy and poorly thought out decisions.

While for the majority of the play, it is apparent that both men were being adequate fathers through their paternal duties and continual providing. however pivotal decisions were made during periods of stress because of the family demands that soon led to the break of the fathers’ perfect image. While faced with the decision of what is moral and good for his family versus for the world, Joe is conflicted: “What could I do let them take my life away? I was afraid…” This passage represents the pressure he felt to provide for his family; therefore. he ended up sending faulty airplane parts. causing numerous people to die.

The quote also shows that Joe’s personal emotions were being neglected (he was afraid) and therefore. he tnade a poor decision based on impulse. Likewise. Troy is conflicted between staying with his wife of eighteen years or moving on to being with someone where he can feel something new: “She gives me a different idea a different understanding about myself. I can step out of this house and get away from the pressures and problems be a different man”. Under all the pressure to provide for his family. Troy feels as though his wants were abandoned; however, when he’s with Alberta, he can forget family responsibilities and become a new man with an easier life than with his current family with Rose and all the complications.

As a result of primarily focusing on their families for the majority of their lives, the two fathers. Joe and Troy. ultimately make personal. crucial decisions that forever impact their families. While exploring the two plays All My Sons and I-‘mxrvx, Troy and Joe’s obligation to responsibility for their family is apparent by their diligence in fatherhood and through their constant inflow of provisions. however. the stressful strive for familial success results in poor decisions by the men that ultimately break the previously solid structure of the family. While providing for one‘s family, it is imponant that responsibility is inVariably present to ensure that everymxr’s needs are met to guarantee the future success of members ofthe family.

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