The Actions Displayed by Paula McGuigan Might Have Caused a Great

The actions displayed by Paula McGuigan might have caused a great deal of pain to the resident because the abuse is said to have taken place during the period of his personal care. The poor practice may have left him with cuts, bruises and he may have suffered with pain after the abuse. Being treated in this manor during his stay at the Fairfield’s care home may have caused an undeniable amount of embarrassment to the resident as the abuse took place during the course of his personal care such as bathing and dressing.

This embarrassment may have caused him to develop a sense of fear and anxiety around the staff taking care of him.

This may result in loss of sleep due to fear and anxiety. He is unlikely to engage with staff on a day to day basis, as a result basic needs such as feeding, and dressing may not be met. This could lead to him having low self-esteem due to feeling helpless and feeling scared to ask for help.

The service user may feel anxious around strangers, avoid social activity and refuse to see visitors. He might also miss out on the mental stimulation these social activities provide. Not having a lot of social interaction could lead to the deterioration of mental functions and capabilities. Lack of social communication can also have negative physical effects such as, high blood pressure, heart disease and even worsen his dementia.

The poor practice would have affected McGuigan’s income.

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Having no form of income will have affected her ability to pay her bills. Not being able to pay her bills may have a knock on effect on her mental health, she might have developed anxiety thinking about what might happen if she doesn’t pay her mortgage. Due to her loss of income she might never have the same way of living, being unable to pay her bills may cause her to downsize. She might have developed a reputation from being cruel, heartless and aggressive towards the resident. Her name has been removed from the register, so she cannot work in the health and social care sector again.

In addition, her good name would have been tarnished by her actions and she was labelled as untrustworthy. As her prison sentence was suspended for two years she might feel like she’s being watched very closely for another slip up that could send her to jail. She might have recognised that a caring career is not the right profession for her. Coming to terms with this might lead her to seek a new career, taking advantage of her unemployment to retrain in a new area of interest. She might find it difficult to find a new job and feel a sense of embarrassment when having to explain her conviction at an interview. This might lead to her having low self-esteem and even becoming withdrawn. Tension can occur, causing stress and strain on the body which eventually could lead to something worse.

These actions would have affected the Fairfield Care Centre. The Fairfield’s care centre’s good name would have been tarnished by the incident, leading to a significant profit loss as the potential service users and their families might not want to use their services. The loss of income might force the care home to have to close down. This would have a detrimental effect on the remaining service users, along with their families and the staff working in it. The incident will have a negative impact on the staff morale within the setting. There might be an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust amongst the staff where they do not have complete confidence in each other.

Residents may pick up on the tension among the staff leaving them feeling worried or anxious. More procedures might be put in place to help protect the remaining service users. Through the abusive actions of one care worker all of the care workers may be categorised and labelled as abusive, which may have led to the humiliation of many of the other staff employed. As a result of the malpractice the care home might end up being closely monitored by the commission for health and social care inspection, to ensure the poor practice is not wide spread, thus protecting the service users.

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The Actions Displayed by Paula McGuigan Might Have Caused a Great
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