The A Bout Argentina  

A bout Argentina   Argentina is south A   merica and it is, named the eighth largest country on the earth. Argentina a contains three of the   Spanis h colonization in july 9, 1816 the voting of the Argentine .republic  Independence overruled in t he Peninsula and overseas. Argenti na Rugby Union    Ar gentina rugby unio n : tea m Los Pumas .Rugby union is basically when you have a s occer/football-shaped ball a nd yo u run the, ball in the other teams boundary and your team can run in  huddles f or you be secure an d Los Pumas has a record of 152 wins and a lost of 93 defeats there first time in t hird place is in 2007      PAGE 3Argent i na most beautiful sites Puerto Iguazú  Puerto Iguazú is the tiny town that hosts one of the world’s most incredible natural wonders.

And Mar del Plata I s The country’s top beach resort city is Mar  del Plata, a vacation loved f or the Argentinean aristocrac y This place i s also listed as the most sailed beaches f or the navy seals.

Argentina wars  n The war of falkla nd s this war was against Argentina and Great Britain in  1982 The war of Independence J uan    José Cast e lli and    José de San Martín against royalist forces loyal to . The Spanish crown in 18 10 Th e war of Paraguayan, this war was against Argentina , Paraguay, Empire of Brazil .T he w ar of p lantai n t his war was against Argentina , Empire of Brazil , National Party , Unitarian Party.

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These wars w e re w it h Argentina ..Because in other centuries they were Listed to the other mot her countries a s one of the weakest because t hey didn’ t have as much technology than Others back till ba ck in 1943.  . Argentina a topograph y    The  Ande a region, almost 30% of the country, r u ns from the high plateau of the Boli vian   cb order southward into west Argentina.    Top topogr aphy  in Argen tina Are jujuy ,La Rioja ,San Juan ,Córdoba ,Río Ne   gro ,Catamarcca ,  Tucum an.. A rgentina  comes with different varieties of climates    Andean reg ion, Patagonia, th e subtropical plain of the north, and the pampas.  N        PAGE 4 Why is  Argentina s o famous Argentina is f amous for t a ngo dance and music and Its big, cosmopolitan Capital, Buenos Aire s, is centered    on the Plaza de Mayo, lined with stately 19th- c entury buildings includingk, Casa Rosada, the iconic,   balconied presidential palace t he largest city in Argentina in Buenos Aires.

Are t he coordinate s to Buenos Aires it is known for being shaped Like Washington D.C. Bu t also viewed a s the    f ourth larg est city in the w orld B uenos A ires is seen a lso in movies Lik e F ast and thb e F urious 7 , M u m my , and X-Men.A  rgentina is i mportant   Argentin a has been h ome to multiple mysteries and foundings of gigantic dinosaurs. Gi ga notosaurus is a di nosaur ge nus found in Argentina. As the name confers, members of this genus are so m e of the bigges t land carniv o res to w alk along the earth. Roaming the earth on two legs and looked to t he famed.. Gi ganotosa urus was taller than its s imi lar-looking cousin and had three “fingers” instead of two. It lived so me 90–1 1 2 million years a go, and m ay have fed ,on another large dinosaur called the Argentinosau ru s.  Argentinosaurus was an herbivore named after the country in which it was believed to have been as la r ge a s, 38 meter s 125 ft in length and weighed over , 75,000 kilograms 160,000 lbs  Religion   At Most of Argentina   Re ligion i s Roman ,Catholic or christian Bases According to July 2014, 9 2% of the country are nominally Roman Catholic, but less than 20% practice their faith regularly.

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