Technology What Are the Pros and Cons of Having It All

Have you ever thought what our Ilives would look like without technologies (cellphones, computers, TV or Internet)? What are pros and cons of having it all? According to the article “Attached to Technology and Paying a Price” by Matt Richtel, usage of technology benefits our brain, although at the same time, it disconnects us from the real world. The following benefits from technology usage was highlighted: better at searching information; “better visual acuity”; “brain acts as a control tower, helping a person focus and set priorities.

” Technology users are able to devour information much faster than nonusers.

Video game players are better at reacting and picking up details. We can follow, article mentions ” Players of some fast-paced video games can track the movement of a third more objects ona screen than non players.” It is controversial topic whether or not technology’s positive impact on our lives outweighs its negative. There are a lot of studies, examples and statistics regarding technology usage in the given article.

One of the examples there is about Mr. Campbell’s family and what role technology plays in their lives. Matt Richtel claims “For better or worse, the consumption of media, as varied as e-mail and TV, has exploded”. That way the article remains us how huge the role of technology is in our daily lives.

Practice shows that people aren’t as great doing several tasks at once as they think they are. Matt Richtel mentions statistics about multitasking “Preliminary research shows some people can more easily juggle multiple information streams.

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These “supertaskers” represent less than 3 percent of the population”. I agree with the author’s opinion and the given study about multitasking. Unfortunately, I am not in not in 3% group, so my attention span is not that easily can be shifted between the tasks. Although my job requires a lot of multitasking during the day. If I had more time and concentration on one project at work, I would do much more efficiently with some projects than I do. Sometimes I feel like I could do better or more with the given project. Consequently, multitaskers have troubles focusing their attention on one task and less efficient at handling problems. Those people who are not obsessed with technology and devices are closer to their friends and family.

Moreover, those people are able to notice the beauty around them, to appreciate little moments with other people as well as are more present at the moment. They prefer live communication face-to-face rather than texting, emailing or checking social media sites. Good evidence of that is given in the article “The ultimate risk of heavy technology use is that it diminishes empathy by limiting how much people engage with one another, even in the same room” (Mr. Nass at Stanford). As a result, those people do not feel comfortable in a society, but prefer being isolated, sitting home alone. People are obsessed with technology, so they became addictive and can’t imagine a life without technology at all.

Richtel claims “The stimulation provokes excitement – a dopamine squirt that researchers say can be addictive. In its absence people feel bored.” Spending too much time with electronical devices can be detrimental and even dangerous. Because of it there are a lot of car incidents going on nowadays. Even the latest one, when New Jersey train didn’t stop at the appropriate stop, moved forward and crushed into the station. I might be wrong, but there is a quite possibility the driver was distracted by something else, other than driving a car (possibly devices). It is immensely important that we use technology in a way that doesn’t harm others, our health and society.

The story about Mrs. Campbell and making cookies is worth of mentioning too, on my mind. She had a task to make peanut butter cookies for Teacher Appreciation Day and a time for executing it. She got distracted and therefore failed her task 3 tinmes, because of getting lost in Facebook, messages and etc. I really liked her comparison technology addiction and diet, saying “It is like a diet you have good intentions in the morning and then you are like “/there went that, I think it is great the world of technology develops so precipitously fast. Every day people are cooperating, sharing ideas with one another in order to create new things, to improve the old ones, to make a new page in our history. Technology makes our lives easier and more exciting. I think it also can help in developing your imagination and creativity.

Although there are harmful sides of using technology too: it prevents you from being present in the reality, distracts from the important tasks you have to focus on as well as does not make you any closer to the people around you. To conclude, using a digital technology is great, for it keeps you updated, but it is necessary to set your limits and to use it wisely.

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