Pros And Cons Of APEC for Member Countries

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APEC allows a forum to discuss issues that arises among members countries. For example during conflict regarding Spratly Island, APEC has become a forum to discuss about the issue and not only focusing on economic matters. Free flow of labors also being discussed in APEC, to ensure the labor is sufficient among members country thus making the development process maintain at the optimum level.

Example on Pros And Cons Of Apec

For example, if Vietnam reporting that they are shortage of workforce, APEC will discuss the matter with other members if they can help to contribute some of their local workforce to work in Vietnam.

In return, Vietnam shall take advantage by using the workforce to their optimum level but still not neglect their duties towards the labors (wages, allowance, shelter, etc). APEC also helps in business facilitation.

If a member country is insufficient of some services or supplies, other member countries should willing to help as they are from the same regional cooperation area.

For example, if New Zealand do not have the specialities needed in manufacturing their very own national car, they can borrow some specialist and experts from members who have produce their own car such as Malaysia. Malaysia will sent their skillful technician and workers to assist New Zealand from designing, manufacturing, and needed services.

By obeying to the “give and take” rule, New Zealand can offer Malaysia some advantages such as reduced tax for New Zealand’s product that was exported to Malaysia, increase quota for new labor from Malaysia, or even inviting Malaysia’s best students to further their studies in New Zealand and give them New Zealand’s scholarship.

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APEC allows Asian countries to dialogue with economic power houses such as Japan and USA. This will ensure poor member countries will benefit from new technology and can adapt their country to build more development projects.

For example, less developed member’s country such as Vietnam can adapt some of Japan’s technology to modernize Vietnam’s outdated machinery and thus increasing output and national income. Vice versa, Japan can take something from Vietnam’s specialities such as in textile, traditional music, and culture. Besides that, dialogue with economic power houses also can make poor and tiny country feels being in attention and not being isolated. Their voice is counted and can make a difference in changes of regional’s regulations, law, or orders.

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Pros And Cons Of APEC for Member Countries
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