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Table of ContentsCSP1001 FormsIndividual Project ProposalEvaluation Paper

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Table of Contents

CSP1001 Forms

Individual Project Proposal

Evaluation of Student by Agency

Evaluation of CSP1001 by Student


Reflection 1

Reflection 2

Reflection 3

Reflection 4

Activity Record (Card)

Vision 2030 & Community Service

a) What does community service/volunteerism mean to you?

Community service to me means giving back to my community without the expectation of being compensated for things I have done. By doing things to help others when you get nothing in return is a reward knowing that I am doing something for someone else to benefit. If I standby and don’t help the misfortune in my community I would have fail society. Volunteerism to me is an unselfish act working to improve one’s community.

By being involved in community services it is beneficial because it helps me better understand the value of teamwork, making proper decision, developing of leadership abilities and gaining of practical skills especially in critical thinking. It allows me to come up with creative ideas, to motivate children and this helps because some are de-motivate because they feel a lack of love. By concentrating on others instead on myself it makes me be more responsible for things that I take for granted and I feel better happier being a volunteer.

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b) Which 2 of the 4 goals of Vision 2030 do you think is most closely linked to community service/volunteerism? And why?

Community service/volunteerism is voluntary work intended to rendered assistance to the community to improve the quality of life for residents. Jamaica national vision statement states, Jamaica, the place of choice to live, work, raise families, and do business. Jamaica aim is to develop and grow the economy and social living by the year 2030. In order to achieve this the national strategies linked to four (4) goals of Vision 2030. The four goals that were developed are:

? Goal 1 – Jamaicans are empowered to achieve their fullest potential

? Goal 2 – The Jamaican society is secure cohesive and just

? Goal 3 – Jamaica’s economy is prosperous

? Goal 4 – Jamaica has a healthy natural environment

Of the four (4) goals of Vision 2030, two are closely linked to community service/volunteerism, they are Goal 1 – “Jamaicans are empowered to achieve their fullest potential” and Goal 4- “Jamaica has a natural healthy environment”. Goal 1 vision through personal empowerment, encourages volunteers to realize their fullest potential by focusing on tasks which will benefit individual as well as the community. Volunteer plays an important role in development as it empowers people and communities to achieve their goals. Therefore, outcome will be a healthy and stable population. Goal 4 of Vision 2030 states that Jamaica has a healthy and natural environment, this means that volunteers can promote a healthy living and protect the environment. This can be achieved once volunteers clean up the environment and several communities.


c) Select 1 of the 2 goals discussed in (b) and suggests ways you can contribute to achieving this goal through your community service

Goal 1 states “Jamaicans are empowered to achieve their fullest potential” I can contribute to achievement of this goal through my community service at Strathmore Garden Children Home. I aid in the development of community by assisting the children with their homework, plan activities that stimulate the cognitive and learning abilities. I planned activities that enhance play leisure where their physical development can be developed. I also had reading and picture discussion where children participation was effective and enjoyable.

I assisted the caregivers with the cleanup of the facility, encourage the children to keep their environment clean. By working at a child care facility, I have developed better work ethic and participate in activities, that will allow us to have a healthy environment

Reflection # 2

Identifying your Community Service Project Objectives:

a) Identify your agency and briefly discuss the history, goal and objectives of the agency.

Strathmore Garden Children Home is a child care facility locate at 154 Ardenne Avenue, Strathmore Garden, Spanish Town. The children home was founded in 1975 by Mrs. Millicent Williams who is now deceased. I had pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman in 1990s when I was doing voluntary services for my high school. The foundation was built under the religion of Christianity and Mrs. Williams sought to teach the children and staff the important word of God. In 1999 Mrs. Williams met Reverend Gilbert Leigh and bond of friendship developed. They had discussion about purchasing the land to keep the children. Reverend Leigh now resides overseas, the home is accommodating children from different cases. Their cases are present before the children’s court where some children will get the opportunity to go home while some will get a Fit Person Order and this where the child will stay in the home until their eighteen. These children are considered ward of state and children home is to cater for these children needs.

The goal of the home is outstanding achievement for all children. Their objectives are to give proper care and consideration to every child whose lives we touch, disregarding colour, race or gender. Their aim toward the reformation of a nation to give love where there is none and more love where there is but a little. To comfort those who are aching to restore trust, morality and peace of mind to our nation’s children who, for various reason are deprived of their rights as a child. Strathmore Garden Children Home aim to fulfill their needs in every way possible stopping at nothing until we truly succeed in giving back to society young men and women prepared to be a difference in a changing world. Though our work is great and our wages small at the end of our task we will be richly rewarded knowing we have accomplished a job well done.

b) Bearing the Vision 2030 goal you selected in reflection 1 in mind, identify a set of objectives you aim to fulfill in your assignment at your agency

The objectives I aim to fulfill in my assignment at Strathmore Garden Children Home will include the following:

? To assist the children with their school work

? Participate in cleanup activities which will include housekeeping and sweeping the grounds, so the caregivers and children will have a clean environment

? Plan activities that will enhance play leisure where their physical development can be advanced.

? Engage the children in reading to help achieve levels of literacy that will enable them to be successful in life. Children with reading difficulties will participate in picture discussion to enable them to learn how to identify words, this will enhance their visual thinking.

c) Discuss the specific steps you will take to accomplish those objectives

To accomplish my objectives that I identify in (b) in Reflection # 2 I would have to do the following:

? Listen to the children and enjoy a friendly discussion. This will show that I care about their needs, I will try and help them where possible.

? Planned events that stimulate the children cognitive and learning abilities

? I will arrive at children home on time, then go to the Manager for a list of assign task for the day.

? I be committed to complete my task, and be always ready to give assistance

Reflection #3

a) Identify some of the problems/issues you experienced or witnessed during your placement.

The major problem I encounter while volunteering at the Strathmore Garden Children Home was the lack of resources. They are two houses for children to stay, but one of the houses needs repair. The houses are located on separate property, but they are adjacent to each other. The lack of funds, maybe one of reason the children are currently house at one of facility, this include boys and girls. They need materials, volunteer’s and persons to donate material or contribute funds. The caregiver indicate that she wants to separate the boys from the girls, this will give the children’s more space and security.

There is not enough reading material for children to use, so they can improve on their reading. They need personal hygiene items such as combs, hair brush, shoe brush, roll-on etc. The children are ones who misplace or lost these items, and this can be frustrated if there are not enough tools to work with. They also, required brooms, shovels rakes and garbage bin to make their environment clean.

b) To what extent did problems you encountered/witnessed in your placement reflect problems prevalent in the wider Jamaican society?

The problems faced within the child care facility are seen in many non-profit organizations which affect workers and the community at large. There is not enough attention given to achieve literacy especially at the fundamental level, and tools require to improve children whether is teacher, or the teaching materials require. Literacy is critical to the economic and social development of Jamaica society, so attention is needed in this crucial area. A society with high literacy levels is a progressive society. So, the human and financial resources are needed as Jamaica society evolves.

c) What impact do you think these problems will have on our ability to achieve the goals laid out in Vision 2030?

I believe the problems we face will have a negative outcome to Jamaica society if we don’t address the matter and work to achieve the goals laid out in Vision 2030. We are faced with these problems because we are not united as a people and we the lack energy and drive to work towards a common goal. We are not investing in our community and the cooperation level that is needed to get the job done is not there as much as we would want it to be. So, if this we continue, the vision 2030 goals will not be met. So, change will have to come make Jamaica the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business.

d) If the problem was something you encountered, what solution (s) did you employ to address the problem? If the problem was something you witnessed, what possible solutions would you suggest could be used to address the problem?

I addressed the problem I encounter at the children home by being creative. I engage the children in reading to help achieve levels of literacy that will enable them to be successful in life. But I came up on obstacles, they didn’t have enough reading material, so I used by smartphone. I purchase books from Amazon Kindle and download it to my smart phone for the children would be able to have access books to read from. Children with reading difficulties participate in picture discussion to enable them to learn how to identify words, this will enhance their visual thinking. The children needed play time, so I allow them to use my cell phone play games such as word puzzle, to allow them to learn new words.

The caregivers can have a donation drive to donate books to the home, that persons may not want in aid of the children learning and preparation for their exams. There can also be a support group (volunteers) to help mentor and assist the children with their homework.

e) If no challenges were encountered, complete this reflection instead: How can community service change your community, your country and the society (give examples).

Community services plays a key role in nation building and development of a community, country and the society. Community service can have a positive impact on volunteers, such as helping develop skills, it brings people together and it promote personal development and self-esteem. The services volunteers provide strength community, for example volunteer are responsible


Reflection #4

a) Briefly summarize your impressions of the community service that you completed at your agency.

It has been years since I had participated in any community service projects and I must admit this project gave me the most fulfilment. Community services at Strathmore Garden Children Home has been a pleasant and extraordinary experience which has helped me to appreciate the necessities of life, which I have taken for granted. At first when I started, I did not know how I would connect with the persons at the children home and if there were going to treat me as an outsider, but the they were very welcoming.

Throughout the time being there I gained a lot of experience. I have learnt to be more understanding and patient when dealing with different personalities and age group. I was in an environment surrounded by toddlers, preschool and teenagers, so I must give them the attention they deserve. I now have a different outlook on what mentoring someone is about. I have learnt that nothing in life should be taken for granted.

I had the privilege of helping the children with their reading and school assignment that was the best part of being volunteer. It was a memorable experience to assist children and to carry out my objectives.

b) To what extent have you met the objectives that you set for yourself?

c) Suggest the kind of service which would assist the organization/community in which you worked, based on your experience there.

d) In what ways do you think CSP 1001 could be improved?


Community Service Project has benefited all parties involved; from the schools to the agencies to the communities and society. CSP was introduced into the school on the premise that students would evince academic gains from their volunteering efforts. CSP provides the critical missing link of many students and affords them the opportunity to apply academic learning to real human needs and to make the knowledge gained usable in one’s thinking beyond the situation in which the learning occurred. It also gives the opportunity to integrate and elaborate on their knowledge, and it increases the likelihood of transferring theoretical knowledge to the actual practice. CSP can be improved by not just instilling it within universities it should be mandatory for both primary and high school students and should be heavily emphasized in all of us as Jamaicans. No longer should be view CSP as a punishment but a part of our everyday life. You don’t have to do a big project to feel self-worth just by giving a helping hand where ever necessary is CSP right there. For by having this mentality we will be able to achieve vision 2030.

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