Round Table Discussion Example

My major Is business administration. I am a clear headed, ambitious individual who has taken the time to think about my future and my goals. I have undertook and completed my two years’ course in China. Being a transfer student to a foreign country requires me to continually focus, and focus more and more as the course has developed. And it is also give me an opportunity to continue a further education.

I chose business administration as a general degree, which gave e the opportunity to learn and test all aspects of management and business so that I knew what I wanted to specialized in.

By means of my education and experience, there are a few things In which I believe deeply that can develop individuals. First of all, we must choose the right direction, that Is, to choose a specific and clear objectives. Setting a goal Is Like building a pyramid. The power of target Is enormous.

After the goal, we must establish It firmly.

Then I believe everyone wants to succeed ND success Is around everyone, even If the success Is a small one. Actually, success means different things for different people. Some may equate it with money, some with work and still some with other. Whatever your dreams are, you have a goal there and then focus all your attention on it. Then success is sure to wait for you at somewhere. When it comes to values, my first thought was a standard criterion of everything.

Example Of Round Table Discussion

It is far away from success if you are only with the recognition of scholarship and ability by society.

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You should infect others with moral charm. Win the trust and respect of others, then you will the opportunities and success. Morality is a state, a pursuit, but also a force to promote its forward. Our responsibility Is to stick to the bottom line of moral in life. We should have social conscience. I believe that because good fortune had give me with better than average opportunity, I have a duty to perform In our communities. Thus, I must give more than receive.

I believe one of the greatest ideas of all times is a convincing moral force which is the concept f the dignity and worth of human individual. That is my core value. In my life I have given myself certain goals, some relating to my personal life and some to my life in the business world, which I will do my best to complete. I do not believe in fate. No matter under what circumstances anyone would have a chance to change their destiny if they work hard. So I will continue to pursue the development of myself. That refers to the pursuit of my own qualities and enrich my own knowledge.

What’s ore, let my family live In happiness. Being a good family member. I also planned financial goals. The most Important one is really assess my monthly expenses. Do I really need to pay such a hill of bills? While I’m lucky enough at this point In my life not to be living month to month, that good fortune has made me lazier about making sure I’m not Just wasting money. By the end of my graduation, I plan on analyzing the expenses and making adjustments that hopefully suit my lifestyle better and save me successful future.

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Round Table Discussion Example
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