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Super Bowl commercials are some of the most popular and most viewed commercials of all time. This event is an american tradition and it is known for its humorous commercials that are very expensive. This event is viewed all across America so companies go all out to make the best commercials of the year with celebrities and everything they can to get people’s attention and to get people talking or tweeting their favorite commercials. When you think of the Super Bowl you think of three things, the game, the performances, and the classic commercials.

Even people around the world come to America for this event. Many companies get various celebrities to promote their brand so that we consumers will get invested.

Rarely do we see a commercial that will leave us feeling bummed out or sad, the Super Bowl is a happy event that brings Americans together and this is not the time for those depressing dog commercials that result in everyone crying.

But in 2015 nationwide released a commercial that left Americans upset by how much is “bummed” them out. This ad was advertising Nationwide’s insurance but the plot of the commercial was very confusing to most Amercians. The Ad was intended for parents of young children to try to prevent accidents from resulting in the tragic loss of children. The examples of accidents shown in the ad were, an overflowing bathtub indicating a child drowned, and a cabinet that was open with cleaning supplies such as bleach, indicating a child could have ingested the toxic cleaning supplies, and finally a television that has been knocked to the ground broken, indicating that a child could have been smashed by the TV.

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Nationwide could have fooled everyone watching the Super Bowl because it was very unclear that they were selling insurance. The center of attention was around the little boy who was explaining why he could never learn how to ride a bike, get cooties, learn to fly, or travel the world with his dog, get married, or grow up, because he died in an accident as a young kid. Only at the end of the commercial we see the nationwide logo for about two seconds so it wasn’t clear what message they were trying to send. I think the commercial would be more effective if they promoted insurance before it bummed us out so we could understand why nationwide wanted us to be aware and carry out safety in the house.

Nationwide is an insurance company that is nation wide, no pun intended. We see all types of nationwide advertisements and you can ask anyone if they know the famous jingle and almost every american will know, “Nationwide is on your side”. These commercials are famous for having celebrities such as Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley, and they are known for their humorous skits but also are known for their heartfelt commercials. They often use pathos in their advertisements such as “The Boy”. Insurance commercials are usually seen as light hearted such as Allstate commercials with Dennis Haysbert and his legendary voice. Allstate uses humor to promote their insurance when they use Dennis Haysbert’s voice for little girls or boys after a tree just smashed their parents’ cars.

The tone of this ad was supposed to be informative and awareness, I think Nationwide wanted to grab our attention by using the sad truth of parents not practicing safety for their young kids. These accidents have happened time and time again in the place they should feel the most safe, their homes. The tone, when I first started to watch the commercial came off to me as sad and regretful, I didn’t understand that it was supposed to be an insurance commercial. They were aiming to relate to parents who have maybe lost a child or almost lost a child and they wanted to target new parents who are fairly young and impressionable about adulting so that they decide to choose nationwide for their life insurance. For some reason watching children who have been hurt because of common mistakes, trigger most, if not all, people’s emotions and make us want to avoid the unimaginable.

The purpose for this commercial is to inform parents and children that accidents can happen and that they are completely avoidable. The purpose is also to sell insurance. Nationwide uses pathos to grab people’s attention so they want to be prepared for accidents and so that they will buy their insurance. In this commercial is is promoting life insurance just in case accidents like this happen, you will be covered. This sounds very controversial to me because it kind of seems like they are saying, “Don’t worry if you sign a contract with us, we will keep you covered if suddenly you lose your child due to an accident that you weren’t prepared for.” and I do not agree with that message. We should be preventing the accidents not promoting insurance for after the accident occurs.

A Tennessee mother took some “me time” while her child was in the bathtub and when she returned to the bathroom her baby was dead (Fox5). In 2013 a Florida infant died after ingesting a laundry detergent pod in a freak accident when the mother thought the infant was sleeping. The mother turned her back for a second and the baby grabbed one of the pods and ate it. The infant was rushed to the hospital where he died (ABC News).

Nationwide was trying to get the message out that accidents happen and that they are 100% preventable. The ad was effective but it was not shown in the greatest setting. The Superbowl is not an event that people want to feel sad at. This ad attracts women because they are usually the parents who worry about their children getting hurt. Men usually understand that kids will be kids and that they will get their knees and elbows cut up once in a while, so men are not an easy target from this commercial unless they are parents of a kid who died in an accident like the ones shown in the commercial, such as, drowning in a tub, an open window on the second floor, kitchen chemicals that are easy to access for young kids, a television that fell down

The colors in this commercial were mostly blues and greys. These colors set the mood for the entire commercial to make us understand that this is not a happy commercial. The colors are meant to make us feel the sadness and to understand the dangers that we can avoid our kids getting into so that we take better care of our kids and make sure that accidents do not happen in our homes.

We see advertisements everywhere, social media, on your TV shows, magazines, and so much more, and they always have hidden messages that we are not aware are present, especially in Super Bowl commercials. The tone of an advertisement can cause you to have emotions and opinions, positive or negative. This commercial was a particularly sad one but it was very effective and sent the message they wanted to send. 

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