Streaming Services: Making Television Obsolete 

Televisions are great pieces of machinery that are well built for the entertainment purposes of many people in the 1950s. They were considered a spectacular invention for being able to watch entertainment from the comfort of your couch and displaced going to the theater because who wants to pay 9 dollars to go see the latest film in a theater.

Many people liked displaced going to the theater because who wants to pay 9 dollars to go see the latest film in a theater.

Many people liked being able to watch entertainment from the comfort of their own homes because it was very convenient to do so. You also didn’t have to pay to see your favorite movie at a theater because of how inconvenient it was. However, TVs are becoming obsolete because Streaming Services are offering the same TV shows and movies for a fee that people would have to wait for days at a time for them to air on TV.

Why would you wait a week for a TV show to air on a channel, when you can just pay 7 dollars to see all of those movies and shows almost as soon as you pay for it. Televisions are becoming obsolete because of Streaming Services’ convenience.

The Convenience of Streaming Services is a major reason why Televisions are becoming obsolete in today’s world. Convenience is something that many people in the world that we live in have most of the time. TVs are not exactly very convenient when it comes to trying to watch your favorite shows since some shows can only be found on a few channels.

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Trying to discover the show in question can cause a good amount of frustration If it is on a channel that you don’t tune to normally once a week.

People generally like everything in one place without it becoming so crowded all the time, like how people choose just one channel without trying the other channels that are also there as well. If people hate having to make a choice between a couple of channels vs channel-surfing all day for a show you like, then Streaming Services can put all those fears to rest in one package. Having all your shows in one place certainly would make you want to watch in that service, and not the Television. Channel-surfing is a very old thing that will get you nowhere in life, while.

A Streaming Service has everything in one convenient package so you wouldn’t get confused trying to find a channel that has your favorite TV show. Convenience is one reason that Streaming Services will make Television Obsolete in the distant future. The amount you pay for a Streaming Service vs a cable provider is another reason why Television will become obsolete. Cable providers will charge anyone who chooses to watch the channels provided to them for a monthly fee.

Problem is, most of those providers offer different packages of channels that you can watch for different prices. The package that contains the least number of channels is the cheapest one, whereas the package with the most channels is freakishly expensive to pay for. I certainly would not want to find a channel that I like to watch in the cheapest package, only to find out that it is only available in the most expensive package that you can pay for. Many people will certainly not want to pay for something that will drown their bank accounts in only two months, let alone paying for the cheapest package which will almost always bill you 50 dollars a month or more.

Streaming Services allow most people to only pay 7.99 or more a month, for a huge amount of content compared to what a cable provider is offering you. You may also find original shows created for the Streaming Service that will never see the light day of anywhere on a cable provider‘s package plans. You also don’t have to worry about shoving out large amounts of cash for a Streaming Service, compared to a 50 dollar package from a cable provider.

“Therefore paying less for a Streaming Service compared to a cable provider is another reason why Television will become obsolete. The amount of wait time for a Streaming Service compared to a Tv show premiere, is a very big reason why television will become obsolete in the distant future. Waiting for a Tv show to premiere its newest episode is like trying to wait for the newest edition of a famous video game franchise. You would wait weeks before you even get to play that latest video game when it comes out is certainly also the case with television episodes as well.

It will feel like forever to even try to wait for the episode to premiere, and when it finally does premiere, you would have lost interest in it already to begin with. This waiting time is one reason why many people will not pay to watch television. The wait time on a Streaming Service to see a show after taking care of creating an account is almost instantaneous compared to how episodes premiere weekly on a cable channel. Think about all that time waiting for a TV show to premiere its episode; compared to seeing the newest episode on a Streaming Service months before it airs on TV. It would be frustrating to try to wait for a new Episode to pop up on TV for weeks on end.

That same time would be spent on binge-watching, the newest episode premieres on a Streaming Service because there is no wait time whatsoever except for advertisements. You can skip most of those ads anyway; so it is not really a pain to deal with in the first place. Wait time to see a show on a Streaming Service, vs the newest premiere of a TV show, is a reason why TV will become obsolete. Television will become obsolete because of Streaming Services’ Convenience. The convenience of having everything in one place will definitely play a big favor in switching to a Streaming Services because you have everything in one place. No one will want to surf channels just to find their favorite Tv show if they can help it. The amount you pay for a cable package from a cable provider may be very expensive to your budget.

The amount you pay for a Streaming Service is like almost peanuts, in comparison to a monthly bill for a package that only contains a very small amount of channels. The amount of wait time will be almost nothing when watching a show on a Streaming Service. No one wants to wait weeks or months for a new episode to premiere, only to lose interest in it not too long after the episode already premiered. These reasons are why I am certain that Streaming Services will eventually make Television obsolete, and become a fabric of history long after it has phased out of the public consciousness. I just hope that Streaming Services won’t become a thing of the past, and I think that likely won’t happen anyway in the first place. Total Word Count (1,206)

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