Book "Starters" by Lissa Price

Topics: Adolescence

Growing old has never been popular and not attractive at the high level of today’s medical art. Eternal youth – that would be just the right life! Several literary models have been around, of Peter Pan and Dorian Gray to Highlander Connor MacLeod.

Our reality is far from this dream, but drive media and advertising our desire to. Although repeatedly criticized me, is the “obsession with youth” theme of modern societies and in life of many people. Thus whole industries earn an inordinate amount of money by promised to postpone such and such phenomena of aging, at least.

Offers for physical and mental fitness and healthy eating are sensible investments that can bring demonstrable success. Some cosmetics or pharmaceutical products, some surgeon and a number charlatans do but think they can outwit our aging genes.

So far we are still far, but Lissa Price puts us in her novel “starter” ( translation:. Birgit Ress Bohusch) in a dystopian scenario in which the necessary ways and means have been found a war mass deaths brought by toxic spores.

Little vaccine was available. First, the particularly vulnerable groups ie young and old people were treated. The 40- to 60-year-olds, however, was left to her deadly fate. Most teenagers – “teens” and “starters” called – have thus no relatives and no home. Without rights they live as squatters in destroyed residential buildings, constantly, to accommodate them on the run from “marshals” who want to catch them in homes. To eat and drink there is hardly anything in the depraved, impoverished ghettos.

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The 16-year-old narrator Callie and her 7-year-old brother Tyler live are dead for their parents on the street. Callie’s main concern is for her sick brother. How long he will persevere without the much needed medication? But the two are penniless.

Significantly better off some “enders”. Well over 150 years old and wealthy, they live in posh villas in the better neighborhoods of Los Angeles. There is also the “Body Bank”, also Callie has heard from. What is happening is illegal and will only told in whispers: Young, beautiful, athletic “starters” rent there her body. In a quiet room they are put to sleep, after which “enders” slip into their bodies to for some time to enjoy the benefits of youth in their classy atmosphere.

Callie decides in their need to focus on this experiment involved – only three bookings, she promises her brother. Then they will have so much money that they can carefree look to the future.

How dangerous is the adventure to which Callie admits, she learns through their tenant Helena Winter Hill. The suspects her granddaughter Emma had been kidnapped off the street and now fall into the claws of the Body Bank. To track down Emma, ​​Helena Callie selected as a rental property, since Callie is perfect in handling the weapon. In the body conversion Helena / Callie apparently a Progammfehler occurs. In Callie’s body remain two brains. Callie is powerless, Helena takes over her body; Callie comes to his senses, it receives instructions, hear Helena’s voice inside her – and the command is: “Kill!”

“starter” is a compelling fantasy thriller for teenagers. It is exciting without being shocking bloodthirsty. Callie is a responsible girl; it weighs intelligent, what and what is right wrong. A first tender bond of love connects with a rich young man who still has relatives. Remarkably, Callie pays attention to good behavior despite their terrible living conditions and the threat – which is not more popular in much of the youth culture that way.

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