Spirit Animals Book 2 Hunted  

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The main characters of this book are four Greencloaks that are named Rollan, Abeke, Conor, and Meilin. Rollam was a main protagonist. He is a thirteen or fourteen year-old boy. He is the summoner of Essix the falcon. He is the oldest of the four with short dark brown hair or black hair with brown eyes. He refuses to trust any of his fellow Greencloaks. Abeke has brown eyes, black hair and dark brown skin. She has a ponytail of braids.

She is the summoner of Uraza a large and rare leopard. She has her tattoo or marking right under her elbow. She is known to be the best hunter in her village. But her sister is chosen over her from her parents.

Conor is the summoner of Briggana big reddish wolf. Briggan is a very known and legendary Spirit animal. Like Rollan, Conor is a main protagonist of this book. He has short blonde hair with very stunning blue eyes.

This is matched with a very friendly and open face. Briggan’s tattoo or marking is on the back of his forearm. His is pretty close to where Abeke’s tattoo is placed Meilin is said to be stunningly pretty with deep brown eyes. She has long wavy brown hair. She is thirteen years old and also is the summoner of of Jhi. Her Spirit Animals tattoo is on her hand. Jhi is a very passive and caring panda.

Every one of these Greencloaks gained their Spirit Animals through a home made/customary rituals that were passed down from generation to generation.

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They had to bond well with their animals or they would not be able to keep control of them. Spirit Animals out of control can cause alot of havoc. The small group of Greencloaks were assigned an important mission. This mission was to obtain an important object before it could be used by an evil force that wanted to cause severe destruction to Erdas.

The four Greencloaks found out that mad conquerors have mapped out a plan to make hero animals without their traditional and honored rituals of their homeland used to pair up Spirit Animals and Greencloaks. These conquerors were trying to find the sacred object for their own selfish reasons. So it was the four young Greencloaks job to save their world Erdas. Since they were very new with being with their freshly summoned Spirit Animals, it was very hard to try and save Erdas while trying to learn how to control your animal. They also on the way were learning attacking and defensive fighting methods.

While all of this chaos they were still getting to know each other. Sometimes they would not get along and have to find out how to put up with each others personality traits or behavior. They knew they could not separate because of their differences because they needed to work together to complete their mission. The intentions of the conquerors was to use that sacred object to force the full bond of Spirit Animals and their summoners. This was important because if you did not have a good enough bond with your Spirit Animal the bond can break. These kids had to learn to cooperate with each other and learn how they can do stuff with the best results together.

For example of dealing with personalities and behaviors, Meilin is arrogant and impetuous while her Spirit Animal is the complete opposite being very thoughtful, gentle and kind towards anyone and everyone. Stiefvater gives little hints about the bonding of the young Greencloaks and their Spirit Animals and stresses it alot to keep a good, strong, and reliable bond. Everything starts to eventually unfold as Finn a dedicated scout meets a clan called the Hawkers. This was a clan who went out to search or seek out for the skins of Spirit Animals. These skins and furs sold for very high prices.

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