Hulk or Bruce Banner

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Pretend you were sucked into a comic book and can become any character in the world who would you choose to be? Maybe a superhero battling villains, kids at school, an animal in the jungle which character would you want to become? Good Mr.Oriente,Judges,Teachers,and fellow classmates. If I got sucked into a comic book I would choose to be Hulk or (Bruce Banner) a 49-year-old scientist who apparently became the Hulk.

I chose to be hulk because not only is he my favourite superhero he is the strongest superhero.

I think that Bruces best superpower is that can turn into the big green monster we call the hulk. Hulk can punch and hit very hard because he has unlimited superhuman strength. Hulk also has the ability to leap very high and he has superhuman speed. Hulks skin can resist damage from weapons because of his skin his weaponry resistant. Hulk can withstand damage from explosives, Bullets, and falls from extreme heights.

The second reason I chose to be hulk is because he is a member of the Avengers.

Since September 1963 hulk has been fighting his battles with the Avengers. Now that Thanos has the infinity gauntlet he is the only villain that the Avengers couldnt beat. Whenever a villain is stealing uranium or robbing a bank the Avengers will be there to stop them. The last reason I would want to be hulk is because he is my favourite superhero. Hulk has always been my favourite superhero because I like everything about him.

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I like that he is big,gree, and always angry. I like his superpowers because I think that he is the strongest superhero. I also think that it is cool how he can become a human and a monster and those are just a few reasons why I want to be hulk. Now you have to know the origin of hulk.

Now you’re probably wondering Hulk has all these cool powers but how did he get them? Bruce Banner a scientist was working in a lab when suddenly a gamma bomb exploded causing gamma rays to spill out. They were exposed to bruces skin causing his DNA to mutate him into the big green superhero the hulk. Bruce can only transform into the hulk during moments of stress or anger. At the end of the incredible hulk movie it can be seen that Bruce can control his powers through inner peace and extreme calmness.

Now would I want to be Hulk in a movie or a comic book? Tough decision but I think movies win. Hulk is very famous in the movie world as he is in many movies such as Hulk, the incredible hulk, Avengers, and many more but he is also famous in comic books as he is in many comic books published by Marvel comics. Well, I would probably choose to be Hulk in a movie because movies are more popular than comic books and they attract more people. Movies are more popular than comic books because they are advertised better. Movies are advertised with commercials on tv and people put up posters to make you want to watch the movie. Comics are not advertised so the only way you will know about the book is if someone told you about it or you saw it in the store. Movies are also more popular because some people like to visualize what they are reading.

For example, Harry Potter has a book series and a movie series. Some people would prefer the movie series over the book series because they can visually see it and understand the movie better. They can also hear the people talking in the movie to help them understand it better. Another reason I would want to be Hulk in a movie and not in a comic book is that some movies are educational and comic books arent based on fictional characters. For example, Avengers movies teach us that even though superheroes are fictional you should still not rob stores or hurt people because we have people like police officers and the FBI to stop you. Now would you still consider reading Hulk comic books over watching hulk movies?

A few fun facts that you probably didnt know about the hulk. Fun fact Thor was only created because Marvel comics wanted one marvel character to be stronger than the hulk and they thought the only person stronger than the hulk is a God Another fun fact is that hulk was originally supposed to be grey but due to printer issues hulk kept coming out black, grey, and dark grey in the comics so they made him green because its printer friendly.

You can imagine yourself sucked into a comic book full of action and drama becoming any character in the world! Just shut your eyes and imagine yourself becoming a dragon slayer fighting a dragon or a princess locked in a tower. Maybe even create your own character like a Viking who loves his gold. Well I would want to be hulk because he is a really strong and famous movie person who is a member of the avengers.Now if you got sucked into a comic book who would you choose to be?

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