Bruce Dawe Weapons Training

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The Poetry of Bruce Dawe Weapons Training The poem “Weapons training” composed by Bruce Dawe, explores the realities of war.

The poem is situated in the period of the Viet-Nam war to prepare recruits for war. Dawe, uses a wide variety of techniques to further convey the harsh realities of war. The poem is a forceful text that is design to shock the audience and to bring out an emotional response. Bruce Dawe, writes poems on his own experiences in his life, living during many periods of conflicts. In each of his poems he writes about issues that concern him.

Dawe had serves as a pilot for the RAAF for several years and he understands what the young soldiers would feel. For that reason he has composes several pieces of poems about war.

One in particular is “Weapons training”. He believes that innocent young boys should not be conscripted to war, being used as waste-able fighter, nor kill other young boys. For unjust reason on greed, religion or differences. Throughout this poem, Dawe extensively uses imperative commands. There are many reasons as to why he does this.

We know that the poem is linked to the Vietnam War and that the speaker is addressing the young recruits. This context is one of the army and we know that there it is governed by rules and regulations.

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Choice is something that is removed from the recruits and the drill sergeant makes them understand this. “And when I say eyes right I want to hear those eyeballs click…”At no time does he actually expect a response from them he simply wants them to obey and understand that they have entered into a new world that is very different from the one they have known.

Weapons Training Bruce Dawe Analysis

The imperatives are also used to degrade the recruits and provide a very clear warning of the dangers of war. An example of this is, “What are you laughing at you in the back with the unsightly fat between your elephant ears”. Again the intention here is to intimate him, making him feeling really small and powerless. Also Bruce Dawe uses another imperative command, when the sergeant intimidate the soldiers ,” Why are you looking at me, are you queer? ” This is used to take away individual thinking, where they are forced to think as a group that obediently follows rders. The sergeants job in the army is to change the men into killing machines that have no emotions of killing another human being, because war is a life and death situation and it kill or be killed. In weapon training, Dawe also uses the technique of sexual innuendo. He does this to appeal the recruits masculinity and virility. The examples used in the poem are, “Crown jewels” and “Key in the ignition”. hence, Dawe is attempting to excite and worry the recruits by drawing their attention to their potential loss of their sexual organs and thus their manliness.

Males general society are their to reproduce the population, and with out their male organs they cannot, representing them as not a man. By sexually making the recruits worry and scared, they will take war more seriously. Through out the poem, Dawe also uses colloquial language and idiomatic Australian expressions. He does this so we can identify our audience and get a greater understanding of the message he is sending. To truly understand many of the terms we need to have a solid understanding of the language as many of the terms are no longer used on a regular basis.

They are typically Australian expression that do not have a significant relevance today. The tone of the poem is spoking in a colloquial manner that at times turns to insults. The terms such as, “tripes”, “you’ve copped the bloody lot… ” and “women’s tit” are all examples of colloquial language that are designed to set a certain atmosphere. The speaker is addressing Australian recruits and is preparing them to fight against Asian enemy. The idioms also further cement the idea that this is an Australian contingent of recruits. He uses a variety of insulting language towards the new recruits.

The purpose of the abusive and insulting language is to get the recruits to build hatred and ager against the “Yellow Charles”. Through war, the drill sergeants wants the recruits to uses all their hatred and anger against the enemy. An example in the poem, “you in the back with the unsightly fat between your elephant ears… “. This insulting verbal abuse transform the recruits in to ruthless cold killers, from the rage they have inside them to release on the enemy. The drill sergeant uses this type of language to also dehumanize them, by turning them from their original self to people who follow orders and kill.

Bruce Dawe, uses repetition in the last line in the poem. ” your dead, dead, dead. ” The repetition of the word “Dead” is used to seriously restate the finality of war, that is is not just shooting a coupe of people than going home. But it is days and nights of horrible and gruesome scenes that they have to take part of because if they don’t they will be killed themselves. ?Bruce Dawe composes poetically explores the harsh realities of war, with the use of soficicated lanuage techniues to convey his tought of war being wrong in human society.

Weapon training in a poem that explores the realities of war. How does dawe demonstrate these realities? dehumanizes hard cold killers killing machines that have no emotions negative view / feel strongly express emotion reaction to the vietnam war Bruce Dawe, writes poems on his own experiences in his life, living during many periods of conflicts. In each of his poems he writes about issues that concern him. Dawe had serves as a pilot for the RAAF for several years and he understands what the young soldiers would feel. For that reason he has composes several pieces of poems about war.

One in particular is “Weapons training”. He believes that innocent young boys should not be conscripted to war, being used as waste-able fighter, nor kill other young boys. For unjust reason on greed, religion or differences. Discuss how the main source of domestic power energy have change over time. The discovery of electricity was one of the most significant innovation for mankind, it has brought humans forward into the new age of Throughout history, humans have always wanted to accomplish many tasks. In doing so there was a need of energy sources, which changed overtime.

In 2750 BC the first Egyptian pyramid was built King Zoser the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, with pure man power. Humans from the very start wanted to achieve great feat, but the only source of energy was mass man power. People like most living organisms, convert chemical energy of food into heat energy in our bodies, and change it into mechanical energy for movement to do work. In spite of the enormous man power produce in ancient time, it was still not sufficient enough for the future developments of technology like it is today.

By having a demand for energy, humans harness and exploited many other sources of energy. In prehistoric times, as early as the late Homo sapiens era, they discovered how to create fire. Fire was one of the main discovery of mankind. Fire was created by combustion of wood, where the wood was a chemical energy converted into heat energy. By utilizing wood as a energy source to create fire, early humans could use is in many different was to benefits their lives. Some of the advantages on early human society was that, they could cook food, be able to survive in colder climates, and to fight off fierce animals.

With the discovery of fire ancient humans also began to use animals as a source of energy that they capitalize from to help humans do work. Domestication of animals (which is a mechanical source of energy) dates back as early to the Mesolithic Period of dogs, goats and sheep. But is was not until the Neolithic Period that prehistoric ways of agriculture with the help of domesticated animals. Animal domestication was a major development of agriculture, with the use of animals to pull plows. With the domestication of animals, agriculture was not the only use of animals.

Some animals would be capable of lifting heavy loads, transport, and turn mechanisms such as grindstones. Domestication of animals have lead to a overall improvement (during accident times to some cases of modern use) of living standard, so that not everybody had to be employed in producing food because it contributed in a surplus in production of food. So that people can participate in other occupation such as researching and discovery new means of technology to benefits their society. Domestication has also reated new way of transporting, for instance a horse pull a carriage or wagons to transport goods to the market. Through these jobs that are made easy by animals, it has built up a growing society where people lived in new towns that were developed and that people could have more leisure occasion in their lives. In recent century, people began to take care of their animals and started the rights for animal welfare, which meant that animals could not be used for over exhausting work in western society, which lead to another search for a source of energy.

For the duration of mankind they has always been search for new and innovative sources of energy, one of which is the use of wind and water energy. Wind and water create a mechanical source of energy, (which was a renewable source of energy), both of these energy were harnessed by the mill. Water and wind mills were created to do work for humans. Most commonly the used to grind grains into flour. The use of the wind and water mill further enhances the production of food for the growing population, during the time, and also sawmills.

This source of energy was also used as transport on ships, as early sailing vessels and water powered mill-ships. The exploit of wind for ships was one of the major reason why Britain became so powerful, because of their sailing ships, that they used in battle and transporting goods to sell their products to a wider range of markets. In modern times wind and water is used to power electric generators in hydro electric dams(kinetic energy) and wind turbines. Throughout the countless developments of different sources of energy, coal had to be the most important breakthrough for humanity.

The initial use of coal as fuel source was in the Han dynasty in China. Coal is a stored chemical energy that is a type of fossil fuel. Coal has revolutionized the source of energy in our society. It was one of the main bases for the industrial revolution, powering the steam engine, and also used to make metals. From then on, coal has been the main sources of creating energy, because of the exhausted numbers of available wood, and that coal provided a more efficient and powerful source of energy. Coal was used in the production of other new metals such as steel and alloys of iron and carbon.

The overly powerful source of energy, from which was coal lead to great manufacturing in factories, were people from rural areas could come and make a living from. From all the push for coal it promoted an issues of over-population of areas where there was mining or manufacturing. The overflow of people contributed to the spread of disease such as the missals and the plague. The flip-side to the uses of coal for energy was the pollution it generated, to the atmosphere and the environment around the areas using coal as fuel.

Another type of fossil fuel that is used by humans is gas. gas was traditionally used a source of energy used to light up streets and to warm people in their houses. It has provided lighting during the night, which resulted in the people having more time of light to participate in other activities that they could not do with visibility. Gas was similar to coal in aspect that it help manufacturing but also a pollutant. Fossil fuel today is still the main source of domestic energy in the home.

With the wide spread demand of energy, it was made possible harness fossil fuels to create steam powered electric generators, which produced electricity in power plants to supply to homes. With the near depletion of fossil fuels, humans have assed the uses of nuclear energy to power electric generators, which may be environmentally unsustainable. The the growing demand for electric energy have pushed humans to extraordinary lengths for energy. Britannica 2004: Coal mining: ancient use of outcropping coal

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