Six Flags Roller Coaster

After enduring a long bus drive with no ac, we finally made it to Six Flags. As soon as we were let out of hell, we immediately began the journey to find the park’s entrance. The closer we got to the gate the louder the clicking and turning of the turnstiles got. Once inside the park you could hear the vivid screams of the passengers. We picked up a map and started to navigate our way through the crowds of people.

Conveniently there seemed to be souvenir shops in every corner and concession stands right across from them.

After strolling around, we came across an old, sketchy, wooden roller coaster. As we approached the coaster we could hear the faint sound of distant screams. To our surprise the line was about a mile long. It looked as though people were lined up for a movie premier. Just by looking at the line we knew it was at least a two our wait.

We decided it’d be worth the wait; even if that meant standing next to sweaty individuals who smelt musty. People of all shapes and sizes; all ages and colors. Luckily the people in front of us seemed “normal”. There was a man who was six feet tall, a woman who was about five foot four inches, and their two children. While standing in line with nothing to do, I couldn’t help but notice all of the trash on the cement. After anxiously waiting we finally made it to the front of the line.

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We watched the family of four get into the red carts, and before we knew it the family was out of sight. When the passengers before us returned, many of them were pale in the face and looked sick to their stomach. Seeing the condition of these people really made us second guess getting on the Texas Giant.

Once the previous occupants exited the ride; We took a seat and prayed to god we weren’t walking into our death bed. Once everyone was “Secured” the brakes were released, and we started to make our way up to the top. The coaster seemed really unstable every inched we moved. The higher we went up the more the coaster would shake, and it really made us question the safety of the ride. When we finally made it to the top, we could see the entire park and numerous of tiny specs which were people. As soon as the carts dropped, high-pitched screams were let out, and people’s arms were either in the air or they were holding their stomach. My hair was blown in every direction. Just when it looked like we were diving straight into the ground, the coaster took an unexpected left turn. Followed by many twists and turns and even tunnels. Before we knew it, the ride started to slow down and pulled into the terminal.

As soon as the ride came to a complete stop, many of the passengers including myself were looking for the nearest trash can.

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