Sin graves of Kristina Ohlsson Review

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The following sample essay on “Sin graves of Kristina Ohlsson Review”: analyzing mental dislocation in Sin graves of Kristina Ohlsson.

What might that be, “sin graves”? Holes in the ground where you make your bed in any figuratively misdeeds to rest in order to eradicate once and for all from the ground? Or are the people who do this gravedigger work? Or rather those which, by analogy with “gold diggers” tugging terrible deeds to light again? Whether and what off here or buried – I did not get behind what the word has to do with this murder mystery.

But that does not matter in the text, it is not mentioned at, and main thing is that it arouses curiosity and encourages the purchase incentive with its mystical blur. The original Swedish title is in any case “Syndafloder” which refers to the biblical deluge, or more generally a disaster. And that has to do with the thriller nothing.

At the beginning of the reader will be introduced three “lost men” who play in April 2016 to mischief.

The first is terminally ill, taking morphine and white , when he will die exactly. The short time until then he only wants to use for a “do atonement” for a debt that burdens for years upon him – a serious crime, as he admits in a letter to his wife at the last minute. “I make up for it,” he writes, and he had arranged everything. The second seeks a safe haven for his daughter and her family hiding for years abroad.

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Now he wants to get them back to their homeland, but they must ensure a lonely located house with bullet-proof doors and bulletproof glass windows offer. The third man has overcome a life crisis. “He had lost so much that he not even he himself was” but a way of emptiness and desolation. Now he wants to restore justice, not only for themselves but also for all the others to whom injustice happened in life that were left alone, found no support.

A few weeks later follow words with deeds. One Saturday the perpetrators injected his victims an overdose of insulin in the neck .. On Monday, the cleaning lady of a former contractor finds the old man in the chair in front of the fireplace extinct, killed by a direct shot in the chest. On Wednesday, the groundskeeper discovered a nearly perfectly hid dead body of a tennis court lawn mowing – just a cheeky protruding from the ground thumb it reports. And you suspect correctly: On Friday the killing continues

Since the police are doing in Stockholm of course long since their duty.. The head Margareta Berlin is Alex right as a responsible one, his colleague Fredrika Bergman support him and help local specialists and forensic scientists. Ahead they all do not come right, although there are at the crime scenes letters and messages, some infamously directed to Alex: “I make up for it.”

Alex law is often distracted, can not so focus on the cases. He worried that his normally tough employee Fredrika acts changed for weeks. What only oppressed them? We know: Spencer, her husband is doomed to die, but she does not want Alex burden them with their family worries where has yet still hardly cope with the death from cancer of his first wife

Undeterred sits down. the series of violent crimes at remote locations and at other times on. Strangely, there is a fitting counterpart to make any sacrifice, in a similar manner torn from life as the dead found in and around Stockholm. The reader can detect as little as the investigative team, what could be behind these crimes, and so we puzzle together until the last page.

To power it lacks truly not the thriller with the whimsical title, nor of events that carry them sent over the Roman way. However, it lacks dimension and class. The character designer is minimalist: More than the name we know little about the many people that are active here. They all remain faceless and colorless. For this, it coats the author as a goddess of vengeance with fatalities. Almost any of the figures in the foreground is struggling with a terminal illness or a fatal death. Our ability to empathize is overused hopeless.

As simple as the characterization is language. every literary ambition any originality lacks. we observe a purely quantitative target overachievement in the formulation of oppressive feelings from the “fear”. Dominate much the author, unfortunately, knows too many pages, too little differentiation. How many writers have (inside) proved to claim, one can observe oppressive nervous stresses in infinite forms and represent linguistically. Here you have just simply “fear”.

At the latest in retrospect is striking that even the plot neither subtlety nor has depth. It is a cumbersome routine narrated construct that serves many parallel plot threads alternately into easily consumable Portiönchen and keeps the reader with regular cliff-hangers on a leash. Because of the variety to prosecuting strands however, it may take many, many pages to as an appetizer is finally redeemed. At the very end, finally, everything is coming together of course.

Anyone looking for exciting entertainment that can be enjoyed without effort and mental dislocation in one go is by Kristina Ohlsson’s Thriller (translated to Susanne Dahmann has) not be disappointed , Incidentally, it is already the sixth volume of its well-selling series with investigators Alex Law, Fredrika Bergman and Peder Rydh. The first ( “Askungar” dt. “Cinderella”) was published in 2009, and according to a note in the afterword is “sin graves” probably the last. Probably now all sins off or buried.

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