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After giving the 16-personality test. I would wish to reflect my personality. Besides I have some sentiment about the trait theory and the behavioural positions of personality theories. Reflecting on my personality type, I can absolutely recognize qualities that draw me to certain preferences including extroversion, sensing, feeling and judgement. When I took type these were the strongest preferences that the result from the result showed and I agree with all of them.

I believe it is important for me to understand my own personality type in order to work with others. It is essential to know and understand own strength and weaknesses.

According to the results from my test I had a very strong preference towards . I know this is true because I tend to draw energy from my internal self and less from the outside world.

As an introvert, I prefer to think first and then act later. I thrive on connection from the outside world and don’t need much private time to feel balance within myself. I believe being an introvert will help .I also have a very strong preference for sensing because I use all my senses to determine what is real rather than imagination of what could be. I tend to live in the now and like using common sense to determine solutions rather than trying to look into the future.

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Another quality I have as a sensing preference is working better with having clear and concrete information. I have a strong preference toward feeling because I base decisions on more personal feelings rather than logics and objectives. I am sensitive others’ needs and don’t like conflict.

I have a strong preference for judgement because I need structure and organized rather than being spontaneous. I like to have plans and know what dates and deadlines are coming up rather than trying to figure things out last minute. I think this will help me in my future career. Some of the job areas that my results concluded from the test included management, public administration, education and social work. The characteristics of an ESFJ include- “warm-hearted, born co-operators, active. Need harmony and may be good at creating it. Always doing something nice for someone. Work best with encouragement and praise. Main interest is in things that directly and practically help people’s lives”.

I completely understand why I got ESFJ as my type preference because every single one of those qualities fits my personality. Most of these qualities have been positive but I know my personality has some negative qualities as well. I am a people pleaser and sensitive to other needs, which can be helpful, but can also be a drawback.

Overall I am thankful I was able to take a look at my personality preferences and get a better understanding of who I am as an individual. I think it will help me for my future career. There are strengths and negatives to all personality types and I feel as if I will be able boost my strengths and work on my weaknesses as needed. If we can all recognize our traits and notice our similarities and differences, it will be much easier to work.

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