Scholarships for Samoan Students

Samoa is gradually changing into a modernized nation with high-prices and expensive living, which consequently affected the poor families. They could not send their children to colleges and universities since they do not have sufficient money to do so. Thus why a lot of young scholars drop out of schools and become unsuccessful with pursuing their careers. Fortunately, the program known as the scholarship scheme given as aid from overseas countries has provide hope to these desperate pupils, enabling them to reach their destinations.

This assistance has not only lighten their family’s financial burdens, has contributed to the student’s educational expenses as well as their school fees while living abroad, but has also welcome these students to the financial development of Samoa.

Initially, scholarships open doors to students whose families belong to the class of low-income earners (College Consensus, n.d). Unlike wealthy kids, these undergraduates have very small probabilities of maintaining in high schools or universities because their families cannot afford to pay for their school fees.

Hence the reason why there is an upsurge rate in youth unemployment, since students have no other choice but to withdraw and remain in poverty their whole lifetime (Ulfsby, 2017). With the privilege of receiving a scholarship, it actually helps lighten financial tensions in the family, in the case where they won’t have to deal with children’s fees and school materials, but everything will come free from this grant.

For instance, one of the girls in my church used to live a poor life with her unemployed mother and a dad who worked for our family.

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Ever since high school, her dad made an agreement with my father, asking him to pay for his daughter’s school fees and in return, he will continue to work for him to pay off their debts. From then on till her foundation year in university, my dad kept working alongside them with the ongoing deal. Fortunately, she was awarded a scholarship to New Zealand and her parents finally had to get rid of their longtime debits. So therefore, the scholarship scheme has the power to ease some financial difficulties for poor families.

Furthermore, free scholarships always come with a free package which consist different kinds of assistance for the students while they are abroad (Djonovich, 1973). In details, this grant permanently comes with air travel payments, full tuition cover and an allowance for living expenses while students are overseas. As a matter of fact, students will never have to stay worry about any financial obstacles since they will be receiving such huge amounts of money to sustain themselves. As an addition to this, they would also be able to receive a reunion fund in between the years and during school holidays. In further discussions, a reunion fund is when the students are permitted to come back home on a visit trip when the schools are on break. The advantage in this part of the scholarship is the fact that all flight expenses will be paid for by those offering the grant, the only thing the scholars have to do is jump up the plane and ride to and from home.

As evidence, this is exactly what the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is offering to Foundation students who were privileged and academically qualified enough to obtain a scholarship for Australia next year. I, myself is one of the candidates and during the first briefing, we were each given a policy handbook that contains all the information about the Australia Award Scholarships. On page 17, there is a catalogue of fees and entitlements that the grant generally covers. These incorporate full tuition fees, return air travel, establishment allowance, contribution to living expenses, an Introductory Academic Program, overseas student health cover, initial visa expenses, supplementary academic support and reunion airfare to mention a few (DFAT, 2019). Accordingly, the splendid honor of getting promoted to go on a scholarship actually provide students an excessive financial budget greater than nothing they had handle before. In some cases, it essentially surpass what their parents usually invest for them in Samoa.

Moreover, this scholarship scheme is a pathway that admits eligible students to assist the economic development of our independent nation. As most donor countries, their main intention is helping Samoa to build a skilled workforce through scholarships (Faavae, 2019) In fact, with the availability of a proficient personnel, the economy of the nation will boost and the country will continue to progress well. That is, a lot of these well-educated students going on scholarships will certainly return with a brain full of newly fresh ideas and intelligence that each one can utilize to develop Samoa. With more progress, Samoa can then finally be recognized as one of the well-developed small island in the Pacific region.

As an evidence, our Sociology teacher named Miss Grace Manuleleua once went to Fiji for three years on a scholarship grant. In one of our lectures, she told us that she was totally sure it is going to take her years to try and get a high-paid job since she lack experience. This is due to the fact that she did not work before throughout her whole life. However, when she applied to the university, she was surprisingly got admitted to the bar because the Head Department were somehow confident that she is already capable and suitable for the job, since overseas schools have really education systems. Henceforth, she now serves her nation of Samoa by teaching the younger generations what they need to know to be able to cope with their future careers. On top of that is the assurance that she can now earn and gain income for herself and her family.

In conclusion, the scholarship scheme has done so much for Samoa and its young future generations. A variety of developed nations such as China, Australia and New Zealand, with their willingness to contribute to Samoa’s development have planted an inspiring seed in our country. This is the seed of providing scholarship opportunities to students who has the potential to succeed in the future and make a difference in their homeland. Primarily, these has aided scholars who originated from poor struggling families, has given them much profits while enjoying studying overseas and has also allow them to develop a successful economic future for Samoa.

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